Saturday, January 25, 2014

Stripped with Strip It

I read about Strip It months ago from one of the blogs I frequently visit.  I’m dying to try the product right away because accordingly it is very effective but too bad I was so busy and wasn’t able to spend even few minutes to place my order.

The black grasses under my arm were growing healthily that plucking will take me a lot of time, time that I don’t have that much these days. And I say no-no to razors because it usually hurt the skin. Then Strip It came into my mind once again, this time I searched for them on Facebook, placed my order, paid thru Gcash then two days later it landed at our doorstep. 

 “STRIP IT sugaring removes hair from the roots (epilating), thus hair is unseen from 2-4 weeks. With continued use, hair becomes sparser, softer, and finer. That is why it's preferable to shaving or using depilating. Since sugaring adheres tightly to the hair but not the skin as, so there is 50% less pain & discomfort than with other waxes.

Strip It will give you a clear, smooth & light skin. It also exfoliates by stripping off dead skin. It is laced with moisturizer making the skin soft. And the Calamansi lightens the skin!

Strip It is an all natural , water-soluble, and hypoallergenic COLD sugar wax. NO HEATING is required. Get the great benefits of waxing while saving time and money!”

I can’t wait to use it!

When I arrived home last Friday, I saw the package sitting on my table, hurriedly open it and read the instruction. Though I want to apply it right away but had to wait after dinner when the kids were asleep (para walang distorbo, while doing the ritual). 

I read the instruction few times, before actually applying it. I asked hubby to open the container for me, the wax may have stuck on the cover because of the shipment, making it too hard to open. 

Using the spatula (big popsicle stick) I applied the wax on my underarm. Before doing so I had my under arm washed first with soap to remove the deodorant residues. The wax application was a little bit hard to manage since the wax is so sticky and messy. Nevertheless, I was able to apply them on the desired area. 

After the not evenly application of the wax, I placed the cloth over it, pressed and massaged for few seconds then quickly pulled the cloth. I took a deep breath and held it before doing so (hehehe parang takot-takot sa sakit), but surprisingly is was not that painful after all. 

from the right armpit
And surprisingly again! The hairs were off from the roots.  Can you see the hairs in the photo?
from the left armpit
Sorry I did not photographed my armpit, it looks more yikes! Than the photos above...

Though there were few hairs that were not removed because they were too short, still I’m so contented with the result. It’s better to pluck few residual hairs than plucking the whole batch. 

With total of P400.00 (350g Strip It Sugaring Kit (P295), added extra cloth pack (P15) + P90 shipping fee), I can use the product again and again. Meaning I can save more than going to spa all the time for underarm waxing that cost around P200. 

I must say! Strip It! is one amazing product! Check it out at their FB page for more info.