Friday, January 3, 2014

Thankful 2013

Year 2013 was full of ups and downs for me and my family. We started the year not favorably because my father in law had a stroke and died a month after. My mother in law had undergone chemotherapy and operation to remove the mass on her breast. These were the heavy downs we had last year not only emotionally but financially as well. But in spite of those we have managed to carry on, because of the gifts and blessings that we are thankful for.

A Bundle of Joy

God gave us another bundle of joy this year, a baby girl that my hubby and I were praying for. Although it was not a smooth sailing journey because of a very high risk pregnancy, still God is so good for protecting me and my baby. Baby Jewel is now 1 month and 23 days old and is getting heavier and bigger each day.

We're happy to have an addition in the family. We are now a family of five.

Corporate Job

I'm always thankful to be part of one of the biggest corporation in the country. The pay my husband and I get from them really sustained our needs.

Aside from the monthly salary we always received bonuses, grocery items and gifts during Christmas. With the extra cash we received last month we're able to buy a Samsung Smart TV for the whole family to enjoy.

Extra Income from Handmade Jewelries

I've been creating and selling handmade jewelries for years already. Usually my customers are the public school teachers from my hometown. My sister in law does the selling (pa-utang na rin) to her co-teachers while I personally do the items. Though my earnings are not much that can finance our household at least I earn a bit to fund my wants. 

The Creativity
Our baby girl inspired me to do another craft.  With her in hand, I was able to unlock another creativity that I do not know I have in me. I learned how to crochet and make baby accessories. Though I'm not that expert yet but at least I'm doing good for a beginner. winks :-)

Loving Blogging

Creating a blog is not difficult but maintaining and monetizing it is not an easy task. I put up my blogs with purpose to improve my English writing skills. I may be good in mathematics but I'm totally poor when it comes to English. I envy bloggers who are so good in writing and actually monetizing their blogs. I wished I can do that too...

I joined several paying sites but I only got few opportunities. Part of the reasons maybe is that, I'm too lazy to bid. Luckily in 2013, this blog was accepted in another paying site and got opportunities from time to time. Though the pay is not that high but at least I received something. After 4 years I finally was able to withdraw my paypal earnings and bought myself a Samsung Smart Camera, a point and shoot camera that I can carry at all time. 

Healthy Family

Unlike in 2012, 2013 gave us good health. No serious illness and diseases just the common cough and colds. Also, with the continuous occupational therapy my son is already improving. I hope soon he'll be able to do what normal children can and probably learn to talk in due time.

2013 allowed me and my family to experience many things, some were bad and hurtful but in spite of those we're able to surpass and see the light at the end. God may have given us trials but on the lighter side He gave us overflowing blessings.

So long 2013... Watch out 2014! because I together with my family are so ready to face you...