Friday, February 28, 2014

About Omega 3

When we hear the word fatty, negative impact will always come into our mind. But do you know that Omega 3 Fatty Acid is actually a good fatty acid that is very beneficial to our body? 

Unfortunately our body cannot produce this acid but instead, we have to get it from the food we take. Some of the foods rich in fatty acid are fish, sea plants, egg, beans, etc. but often time is easier getting omega 3 supplements here than finding these rich foods in the market. 

Check put the infographic below and learn how omega 3 is beneficial to us....


Knowing all the benefits, we should help ourselves by getting omega 3 rich food in our diet.  Hera are some good food sources of Omega-3 that we should know and and take...



He took time to be with her as much as possible, he saw her smiling even though she's in so much pain. My husband is hurting from the lost, and all I can do is to support him in this trying time and tell him that.. 

 cry and I'll cry with you..

and that,


 Mama Lina is already happy with God and Papa Boy because


Ma, always remember that

Rest in peace...

Titay's Pasalubong

Matel, soon to be wife of my husband's brother dropped by at our home here in Cagayan de Oro before proceeding to Bukidnon for our mother-in-law's wake. Unexpectedly, she brought pasalubong from her hometown Cebu City, a pasalubong pack from Titay's.  

The pack consists of different baked delicacies that Cebu City is proud of.

Even with our current situation, she still thought of giving us something. Thanks so much sis...

I’ll soon make a post of each product inside the pack, most are my first time to taste. 

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Cute Drawers for Kid's Bedroom

I’m dreaming of having our own house and giving my kids their own bedroom in the very near future. I want to decorate their rooms and turn it into a lovely dream land where they can be comfortable. 

I’m dreaming of getting the right and cute furniture for their rooms, from bed, cabinets to drawers.  Cute drawers were they can keep their toys and other stuffs. I wonder if they use 36" drawer slides at ovisonline to these cute kiddie drawers?

Anyway these are some cuties I found at Pinterest that sure got my interest.

A light blue and white combination drawer cabinet perfect for my little girl and considerably useful for my son.


 Or maybe an ombre colored drawers like this..


How about you, do you have any drawer cabinet color or design in mind? I have mine, a very cute one I found at an online shop unfortunately the shipping is very costly.  Kaya hanggang tingin na lang muna ako.. hehehe

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Goodbye and Rest in Peace Mama Lina

A very sad moment for all of us who love Mama Lina dearly. A very patient and good mother to my husband and his siblings, a loving wife, a beautiful and lively woman.

We know how much she suffered and it hurt us all to see her in that state. Yesterday,  Mama Lina finally gave up from the battle and succumbed to the Lord. A battle from a dreadful disease that only miracle can cure.

Though it's sad and hurtful for us to let her go, but we have to. On the brighter side she's happy now with Papa Boy and with our Creator. In heaven she will not feel anymore the pain she'd been through here.

Rest in Peace Mama Lina. Your memory will always remain in our hearts. Send also our regards to Papa Boy.

Snake Cube Puzzle

I saw some woodcraft supply displayed at the United Bookstore this afternoon, and one of them is this wooden cube puzzle. I knew it’s not a rubik’s cube because I have not seen a wooden version of the puzzle yet. Out of curiosity I bought the wooden cube at a price tag of P164.00.

Too excited, I already removed the chained pieces in the plastic container before I remember taking picture. The wooden cube turned out to be a snake cube puzzle. 

“The snake cube is a mechanical puzzle, a chain of 27 or 64 cubelets, connected by an elastic band running through them. The cubelets can rotate freely. The aim of the puzzle is to arrange the chain in such a way that they will form 3 x 3 x 3 or 4 x 4 x 4 cube.” From wikipedia

Mine is a 3x3x3 cube puzzle, now messed up waiting for me to solve it which I know I can’t without the help of the internet.  

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Refraining Myself...

Last Friday, I almost forgot that I still have one supplier that needs rebooking, the balloons. I hurriedly went to Gaisano Mall after office to postpone for a while the designed balloons that I have ordered for our little girl’s baptism. It took me about 20 minutes waiting for the sales lady to settle my case with their supervisor, which turned out positive naman.  Sayang naman yung balloons kung ma void eh binayaran ko na.

Anyway, while waiting I spent time at the secured section of the mall, the jewelry area, I roamed around looking at the sparkling pieces displayed. I spotted a pair hoop earrings, two-toned hoop earrings that I’ve been looking. I tried them on, perfectly fit and so in love with it.  I was so tempted to get them, but I need to reconsider, refrained myself, considering what we’re carrying these days. Probably when the time comes, and when I earn more with my blogs, and when I see the same piece again, I’ll definitely get it.

Hanging on...

This morning was supposedly baby Jewel's Christening, but because of family emergency we have to postpone it.

Mama Lina (my mother-in-law) is still in the hospital, and on the verge of death. Only the machine is helping her breathe, still hanging on probably waiting for her son who we haven't able to contact yet because the ship he's working in is still in the middle of the ocean with no signal. Or probably waiting for her two sons who are not in good term to patch up.

We all know how much pain she is in, and it hurt us more to watch what see is going through. Prayers and love are what we can offer her right now...

Friday, February 21, 2014

Mosquito Repellants

Summer is approaching. Even so, we still need to protect ourselves especially our children from those pesky and dangerous mosquitoes. Mosquitoes these days had evolved from simple slow flying mosquitoes at home to those bold and fearless kinds that carry dengue virus.

I rushed to ACE hardware to buy these smiley patches because I run out of citronella patches that I usually put on to my son’s clothes whenever he gets out of the house. This set is the cheapest I’ve found so far. At P39.75 you’ll get 4-packs of patches with six (6) yellow smileys.

While talking to the saleslady, she offered another way  of repelling mosquitoes in the form of a bulb. Accordingly, it can keep away those disease carrying insects up to 2 meters from the bulb.

 Excerpt from the box:

“An innovative light designed to emit a special spectrum to frighten and keep mosquitoes away. Insects get attracted to the light in the UV part of the spectrum. The specially engineered yellow luminous coat on the lamp filters out the UV radiation and creates a wave length of 546mm which drives away and repels insects and mosquitoes.
Safe and harmless to humans and pets.Clean and Hygenic.Odorless. Energy Saving with Standard E-27 Type base-Easy to fix. Easy to Use.Ideal for homes, apartments, stores, backyards, lawns, garages, RVs, etc.”

At P299.00, I think it’s not that expensive as long as it can put me/us as parent at ease knowing our children are safe from these hideous insects, for me it’s worth the try.

About Lingerie

Lingerie is a word derived from French word linge, which means washable as in faire le linge (do the laundry).  Lingerie are typically fashionable and tempting undergarments, usually made of flexible, stretchy materials like nylon, Lycra, satin, lace, silk, polyester, sheer fabric and even some cotton.

On the late 19th century, lingerie was developed as an appealing undergarment, as in visually alluring. It was Lady Duff-Gordon who developed the lingerie and free women from very large and bulky corsets.  Corsets became smaller and less bulky. During the World War I, more practical undergarments i.e. lighter and made of breathable fabrics became in demand, because women came to fill in the men’s role.

Undergarments became smaller and more body fitting on the late 20th century. Today, you can see more stylish, sexy and captivating lingerie. You can also find sexy lingerie at

source: wikipedia

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Heartbreaking.. Waiting..

When everything are set for Sunday's event, husband and I decided to postpone the Christening Day of baby Jewel in later date. It will be difficult for us to hold the event while his mom is in critical condition.

My MIL was rushed to the hospital early this morning because she had difficulty in breathing and is now in the intensive care unit.

According to the doctor she has slim chance of survival because the tumor turned breast cancer had metastasized to her lungs.

It is very heartbreaking to see her in so much pain and difficulty. I know how hurtful it is for my husband and the whole family just waiting for the time...


Spin Dry Still Alive and Kicking

I thought our 3 year old spin dry will finally rest in pieces because when switch on it creates funny and scary boggling sounds. But husband don’t give up easily as usual he opened and repaired the machine for the nth time already. And every time he does, he actually was able to solve and repair the problem.

Hubby is truly a jack of all trade husband even with his tools on the loose and some needs to be replaced. I wonder if Reid rest pads will be of help. hmmm I better ask him now..

Black Shoes at 50% Off

Like I've said SM was on "Sale" last weekend, and they offered items up to  50% discount. Hubby, Xye and I was there last Saturday but I wasn't able to buy want I needed to buy on that day so I went to mall again the following day Sunday. 

After I bought what I needed, I went to the department store again to explore the items on sale. Since, my office shoes are already not in very good condition I decided to take a look the sale items at the shoes section. 

And I found this 1-inch heeled black pair of shoes from Figlia. From original price of P 1599.00 I got this pair at P699.00 that's more than 50% off. What a saving right? I now have an alternate office shoes.

A Week Without God

I found this on my friends Facebook timeline, and everything written on it is true...

Let us always put God first in our everyday life. Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Tarpaulins are Done and Ready to be Hanged

The preparation for Jewel’s Baptism continues..

The other night hubby asked me to finish designing/layouting the tarpaulins so that he can have it printed the following day while he’s still on off-duty.

Since, I have to stay with the kids until they fall asleep and I know that I too will drift, I asked hubby to wake me up at 11PM. He did wake me up at that time but, I’m too sleepy to stand up so I slept again for another hour before actually removing myself from the bed and did my thing infront of the computer. 

After two hours of battling with photoshop, I came up with two layouts a yellow and a pink themed tarpaulins. Both are with 3ft x 2 ft dimensions.

Wondering why I made two? You will know later when I show you the party set-up at home, by next week. And besides tarpaulin printing is not that expensive these days compared before. The last time I had a tarpaulin printed 3 years ago in Iligan City it cost about P25 per square foot.

For a minimum of 3x3 of 9 sq ft area, you can have tarpaulins printed here in Cagayan de Oro City at P12.00 sq. ft.  Meaning these tarps cost P108.00 each. Not bad huh! 
Anyway, how's my work? Hope you like it.. :-)

Monday, February 17, 2014

DIY Invitations are ready for Distribution

Designing/layouting the invitations, tarpaulin, magnets is what I really like doing for my kids’ party. I want to save even a little through these things. Having them done outside requires you to pay extra services that sometimes don’t really satisfy your likes. Since, I know a little about photoshop, I can do it myself. And the “personal touch” effect makes it more rewarding.

My goal is to have an invitation with a 4x3 size. To save printing cost, I made the layout in a 4in x 6in paper size, of course using photoshop and some downloaded free scrapbooking embellishments. Have it printed in a photo developing center on a 4x6 or 4R photo paper that cost at P6.50 each.

My plan was to make our own envelop, but because it’s very time consuming and I did found a ready-made envelop at the bookstore, I settled buying the scented envelop at P 8.50 for a pack of 5. 

For the assembling part, I showed hubby how to put the ribbons on the upper left corner of the invitation for the flipping the next page effect, and let him do the rest. Marunong din naman pala paggugustuhin lang hehehe

So while I was at work yesterday, hubby finished assembling the 30 pieces invitations! Hurray! Ako na lang daw and mag sulat ng pangalan sa labas ng invitation, kasi pangit daw writing niya hehehe which I gladly did last night. 

To sum it up..

Layout – Free
Printing – 30 pieces x P6.5 = P195
Envelop – 6 packs x P8.5 = P81
Ribbon – 5 meters x P2.5 = P12.5
One hole ticket puncher = P49.50
Total Invitation: P338.00 

A total cost of P338.00 for a 30pcs invitations is way cheaper than having it done outside.

The Smiling Jewel

When baby Jewel was past 2 months, she started responding when played. Now that she is 3 months, she already have longer eye contact as if studying my face and reading my mouth. She will sometimes tries to talk by making cooing sounds which I really love hearing.

Yesterday, I took this photos before going to work and after her morning bathe. She really did made my day, a very sweet smile from an innocent pretty angel.

Babies are indeed unique. Just like my two kids they are way different from each other, if it took 4-5 months before we saw Xye really smiled at us before, this time Jewel loves to smile when you talk and play with her.

Post Valentines Gift Story

I've mentioned before that hubby was at work on Valentines Day, i.e. I spent the day of hearts together with the kids at home. It may not be the usual dating and dinner outside but still and is always a blessing just spending time with the kids. 

Anyway, I thought I won't be receiving anything from husband, because he's not a sweet type that knows about gift giving or the like. He kept on asking me what I wanted as a gift. As usual my answer is always "anything" because if I demand something (like a Galaxy Note III that I'm dreaming about) I know he can't afford it, considering our expenses lately. But instead, I got these...

Anyway, wondering how I got them? Here goes...

On Saturday, I insisted on going to SM because of the "SALE". The four of us went (hubby, Xye, his yaya and I) baby Jewel has to stay at home because we assumed that there will be a lot of shoppers but turned out not really.

Hubby and I went to shop, while son and his yaya spent time at Oh Soo Playhouse. I was looking for new blouses and slacks, polos for hubby and Xye that we'll be wearing on Sunday.  I was supposed to post them but before I was able to take pictures, the new clothes were already wet and hanging outside (nilabhan na..)

All the while I'm checking out the fashion jewelries area, hubby picked the chocolates and placed in the basket. 

I wanted a "real" gold jewelries but I can't afford them, and besides I just lost one of my yellow gold hoop earrings (sayang ang mahal pa naman) kaya ayaw ko na ng totoo dahil nasakit pag mawala. I spotted these jewelries from Klad with Gold and Silver, triple plated daw and will last for years if properly cared.

I tried a lot,  all are elegantly designed, prices ranges from 1k to 2k. Nah! too expensive pa rin until I landed on these two na below P1000. The 3/4" column stud earrings at P700+ and the hoop earrings at P400+, minus 20% discount, so I got two pairs at less that 1k. Pwede na..hehehe

These earrings were not supposed to be included in his gift, but since pumili na daw ako, he will be the one to pay it na lang. So I end up with chocolates + earrings as a post valentines gifts. Sweet ba? pwede na rin.. I'm not really a very demanding wife, if I know he can't afford it. 

I could have asked for a gold hoop earring to replace the one I lost, but his performance bonus was used to up, to pay his mom hospital bill. Kaya ayun.. d bale na lang maybe next time may bonus ulit.. His mom need it most.

P.S. The next day Sunday I went to SM again, this time I shopped alone for 3 hours, and got myself 3 pairs of shoes.. hehehe.. pampered myself again. Thanks for the performance bonus dear President!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines Day!

If only Valentines Day is a holiday, surely I'll be one of the hundred shoppers flocking SM Cagayan de Oro for the 3-days Valentine Sale. Unfortunately, my leave of absences are too precious to be used on days like today just for the shopping spree, and more importantly I needed to be with my boss in a coordination meeting with our counterparts in the industry. Work first before leisure!

Anyway, this morning we got a surprise gift from our President and CEO a token of appreciation on a Valentines day. Every region, department, district received different token because it's up to the HR personnel assigned to chose the gift to be given away. 

If the previous years we got chocolate or flower, this year a cute notebook for a change. Pwede na pang lista ng mga wishes...

Later in the afternoon, Sir Dodong gave me these sweet treats. Masareal from Cebu and chocolates, I believe his token of thanks because I let him copy the korean dramas that my friend downloaded. hehehe

After work, I rushed home to spend the rest of the day with my kiddos while their Papa is on duty. Husband is at work until 6AM tomorrow. And as of this writing the kids are sleeping beside me.

Valentines Day turned out well for me,  even without any material thing from husband. I understand his mind is preoccupied, worried about his mother condition and can't think of anything about sweetness on hearts day. As long as these two treasures are with me, everyday is a Valentines Day!

Ref Magnets: Jewel's Christening Day Souvenir

The date is set for baby Jewel's Christening Day and it's on Sunday, February 23, 2014, 9:00AM. At first I wanted it to be on the 22nd, Saturday but the church we chose to baptize our girl will have a scheduled wedding. Instead, we will join the rest in the mass baptism the following day. Since, it's a Sunday and we don't expect that much guests we'll have the little celebration at home.

Just like three year's ago (on Xye's Christening Day), we also decided to have ref magnets as souvenirs/giveaways. I can't find the supplier who printed the magnets for my son (wala na kasi ang, I have to hit google again and found Atomic Fotofun advertisement on Smart Parenting forum.

They charge P30.00 for an ATM size ref magnet at 50pcs minimum and will charge P35.00 each for less than the minimum. Since I wanted two (2) designs at 25pcs/design I haggled with them and offered that I'll do the designs myself and send it to them ready for printing. Eventually Sir Ron (the owner) was so kind and agreed. Weeh! Thanks Sir Ron..

Here's the layout I did...

I scheduled one Sunday morning and did the photo shoot personally in our bedroom. Luckily, the photos turned out cute.

I deposited the due amount, emailed the deposit slip last Saturday, they did the production on Monday, sent the package on Tuesday and this afternoon the package has arrived at our doorstep.

Unlike the previous ref magnets that I ordered from the other supplier, Atomic Fotofun magnets are  presentable and very clean because the magnets are individually packed in a transparent plastic pouch and ready to be given away.

Thanks Atomic Fotofun for the fast response, production and shipment of orders, until next time.

Disclaimer: This is not a paid post. Only an appreciation from a satisfied customer.