Sunday, February 2, 2014

A Late Birthday Post

On January 25, I turned another year older. As always there was no big celebration, I never planned one. Spending my natal day with my family (hubby + the 2 kiddos) was enough for me, they are my wonderful birthday presents.

It was a Saturday, and I asked an overtime schedule swap with my colleague. I took the Sunday shift instead.

Early in the morning hubby, our boy and I went to visit our Angel Xyra's grave at Divine Shepherd Memorial. Said our prayers, greetings and offered 3 roses.

Xye enjoys walking and running in the area. He was falling behind his father because he kept on looking at his every steps. I stayed behind him just in case he'll change his mind and take another route. 

We went to Gaisano Supermarket after, for a little grocery. Hubby planned to cook for me and invite his mom and elder sister over dinner.

By 12NN the four of us and Xye's Yaya went to see the pediatrician. It was baby Jewel's immunization schedule. Xye also had his, a typhoid vaccine.

Baby Jewel was so sleepy and fell asleep while waiting for us, and she was wearing her new crochet booties that I personally made with love and patience for her. 

After our appointment off we went to Centrio Mall. The train is again on the track after few weeks of maintenance. The train ride is Xye's favorite, and this time his sleeping younger sister was with him. Of course I and the Ate were there too.

After the ride, we bought a cake at Red Ribbon. Since, it was also Red Ribbon's Anniversary they were giving away mamon for free as their blowout to whoever willing to fall in line. I got four free mamons too...

By the time we arrived home, my MIL, SIL and family were already at home. Hubby hurriedly prepared our dinner, his first chopsuey menu + the 1 kg lechon that we bought at Gaisano. And of course the Tiramisu Cake from Red Ribbon + a special tikoy.

We ended the night with a candle blow, as a signed that I'm not getting any younger. Thankful that God gave me another year.

Thank you dear husband for the preparation. Simple? It doesn't matter. Celebrating the day with you and the kids is what all matters.