Friday, February 21, 2014

About Lingerie

Lingerie is a word derived from French word linge, which means washable as in faire le linge (do the laundry).  Lingerie are typically fashionable and tempting undergarments, usually made of flexible, stretchy materials like nylon, Lycra, satin, lace, silk, polyester, sheer fabric and even some cotton.

On the late 19th century, lingerie was developed as an appealing undergarment, as in visually alluring. It was Lady Duff-Gordon who developed the lingerie and free women from very large and bulky corsets.  Corsets became smaller and less bulky. During the World War I, more practical undergarments i.e. lighter and made of breathable fabrics became in demand, because women came to fill in the men’s role.

Undergarments became smaller and more body fitting on the late 20th century. Today, you can see more stylish, sexy and captivating lingerie. You can also find sexy lingerie at

source: wikipedia