Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Busy Week and No Social (Likes/Tweets) Icons Yet

I was out of the circulation the past week. I wasn't able to do my bloghop that is why my blogs were not included in the list this week. With my colleague already in the other department, I have to take over his duties and responsibilities in addition to mine for now, while waiting for the replacement, which I think will take time. That's the reason I've been very busy and can't find time to visit other blogs because when I arrive home, I'm too tired to start-up my desktop, update my blogs and do the hops. 

But tonight, with my energy still intact and the kids on the bed early. I can do my thing and did my first round of comments. I'll do only comments because until now I wasn't able to install the social icons on my blogs yet. I need help badly!

I think I have to change the template and do the social icons placement tutorials again. But I don't have time yet to do all those. So for now comments na lang muna.