Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines Day!

If only Valentines Day is a holiday, surely I'll be one of the hundred shoppers flocking SM Cagayan de Oro for the 3-days Valentine Sale. Unfortunately, my leave of absences are too precious to be used on days like today just for the shopping spree, and more importantly I needed to be with my boss in a coordination meeting with our counterparts in the industry. Work first before leisure!

Anyway, this morning we got a surprise gift from our President and CEO a token of appreciation on a Valentines day. Every region, department, district received different token because it's up to the HR personnel assigned to chose the gift to be given away. 

If the previous years we got chocolate or flower, this year a cute notebook for a change. Pwede na pang lista ng mga wishes...

Later in the afternoon, Sir Dodong gave me these sweet treats. Masareal from Cebu and chocolates, I believe his token of thanks because I let him copy the korean dramas that my friend downloaded. hehehe

After work, I rushed home to spend the rest of the day with my kiddos while their Papa is on duty. Husband is at work until 6AM tomorrow. And as of this writing the kids are sleeping beside me.

Valentines Day turned out well for me,  even without any material thing from husband. I understand his mind is preoccupied, worried about his mother condition and can't think of anything about sweetness on hearts day. As long as these two treasures are with me, everyday is a Valentines Day!