Friday, February 21, 2014

Mosquito Repellants

Summer is approaching. Even so, we still need to protect ourselves especially our children from those pesky and dangerous mosquitoes. Mosquitoes these days had evolved from simple slow flying mosquitoes at home to those bold and fearless kinds that carry dengue virus.

I rushed to ACE hardware to buy these smiley patches because I run out of citronella patches that I usually put on to my son’s clothes whenever he gets out of the house. This set is the cheapest I’ve found so far. At P39.75 you’ll get 4-packs of patches with six (6) yellow smileys.

While talking to the saleslady, she offered another way  of repelling mosquitoes in the form of a bulb. Accordingly, it can keep away those disease carrying insects up to 2 meters from the bulb.

 Excerpt from the box:

“An innovative light designed to emit a special spectrum to frighten and keep mosquitoes away. Insects get attracted to the light in the UV part of the spectrum. The specially engineered yellow luminous coat on the lamp filters out the UV radiation and creates a wave length of 546mm which drives away and repels insects and mosquitoes.
Safe and harmless to humans and pets.Clean and Hygenic.Odorless. Energy Saving with Standard E-27 Type base-Easy to fix. Easy to Use.Ideal for homes, apartments, stores, backyards, lawns, garages, RVs, etc.”

At P299.00, I think it’s not that expensive as long as it can put me/us as parent at ease knowing our children are safe from these hideous insects, for me it’s worth the try.