Monday, February 17, 2014

Post Valentines Gift Story

I've mentioned before that hubby was at work on Valentines Day, i.e. I spent the day of hearts together with the kids at home. It may not be the usual dating and dinner outside but still and is always a blessing just spending time with the kids. 

Anyway, I thought I won't be receiving anything from husband, because he's not a sweet type that knows about gift giving or the like. He kept on asking me what I wanted as a gift. As usual my answer is always "anything" because if I demand something (like a Galaxy Note III that I'm dreaming about) I know he can't afford it, considering our expenses lately. But instead, I got these...

Anyway, wondering how I got them? Here goes...

On Saturday, I insisted on going to SM because of the "SALE". The four of us went (hubby, Xye, his yaya and I) baby Jewel has to stay at home because we assumed that there will be a lot of shoppers but turned out not really.

Hubby and I went to shop, while son and his yaya spent time at Oh Soo Playhouse. I was looking for new blouses and slacks, polos for hubby and Xye that we'll be wearing on Sunday.  I was supposed to post them but before I was able to take pictures, the new clothes were already wet and hanging outside (nilabhan na..)

All the while I'm checking out the fashion jewelries area, hubby picked the chocolates and placed in the basket. 

I wanted a "real" gold jewelries but I can't afford them, and besides I just lost one of my yellow gold hoop earrings (sayang ang mahal pa naman) kaya ayaw ko na ng totoo dahil nasakit pag mawala. I spotted these jewelries from Klad with Gold and Silver, triple plated daw and will last for years if properly cared.

I tried a lot,  all are elegantly designed, prices ranges from 1k to 2k. Nah! too expensive pa rin until I landed on these two na below P1000. The 3/4" column stud earrings at P700+ and the hoop earrings at P400+, minus 20% discount, so I got two pairs at less that 1k. Pwede na..hehehe

These earrings were not supposed to be included in his gift, but since pumili na daw ako, he will be the one to pay it na lang. So I end up with chocolates + earrings as a post valentines gifts. Sweet ba? pwede na rin.. I'm not really a very demanding wife, if I know he can't afford it. 

I could have asked for a gold hoop earring to replace the one I lost, but his performance bonus was used to up, to pay his mom hospital bill. Kaya ayun.. d bale na lang maybe next time may bonus ulit.. His mom need it most.

P.S. The next day Sunday I went to SM again, this time I shopped alone for 3 hours, and got myself 3 pairs of shoes.. hehehe.. pampered myself again. Thanks for the performance bonus dear President!