Friday, February 14, 2014

Ref Magnets: Jewel's Christening Day Souvenir

The date is set for baby Jewel's Christening Day and it's on Sunday, February 23, 2014, 9:00AM. At first I wanted it to be on the 22nd, Saturday but the church we chose to baptize our girl will have a scheduled wedding. Instead, we will join the rest in the mass baptism the following day. Since, it's a Sunday and we don't expect that much guests we'll have the little celebration at home.

Just like three year's ago (on Xye's Christening Day), we also decided to have ref magnets as souvenirs/giveaways. I can't find the supplier who printed the magnets for my son (wala na kasi ang, I have to hit google again and found Atomic Fotofun advertisement on Smart Parenting forum.

They charge P30.00 for an ATM size ref magnet at 50pcs minimum and will charge P35.00 each for less than the minimum. Since I wanted two (2) designs at 25pcs/design I haggled with them and offered that I'll do the designs myself and send it to them ready for printing. Eventually Sir Ron (the owner) was so kind and agreed. Weeh! Thanks Sir Ron..

Here's the layout I did...

I scheduled one Sunday morning and did the photo shoot personally in our bedroom. Luckily, the photos turned out cute.

I deposited the due amount, emailed the deposit slip last Saturday, they did the production on Monday, sent the package on Tuesday and this afternoon the package has arrived at our doorstep.

Unlike the previous ref magnets that I ordered from the other supplier, Atomic Fotofun magnets are  presentable and very clean because the magnets are individually packed in a transparent plastic pouch and ready to be given away.

Thanks Atomic Fotofun for the fast response, production and shipment of orders, until next time.

Disclaimer: This is not a paid post. Only an appreciation from a satisfied customer.