Sunday, February 23, 2014

Refraining Myself...

Last Friday, I almost forgot that I still have one supplier that needs rebooking, the balloons. I hurriedly went to Gaisano Mall after office to postpone for a while the designed balloons that I have ordered for our little girl’s baptism. It took me about 20 minutes waiting for the sales lady to settle my case with their supervisor, which turned out positive naman.  Sayang naman yung balloons kung ma void eh binayaran ko na.

Anyway, while waiting I spent time at the secured section of the mall, the jewelry area, I roamed around looking at the sparkling pieces displayed. I spotted a pair hoop earrings, two-toned hoop earrings that I’ve been looking. I tried them on, perfectly fit and so in love with it.  I was so tempted to get them, but I need to reconsider, refrained myself, considering what we’re carrying these days. Probably when the time comes, and when I earn more with my blogs, and when I see the same piece again, I’ll definitely get it.