Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Tarpaulins are Done and Ready to be Hanged

The preparation for Jewel’s Baptism continues..

The other night hubby asked me to finish designing/layouting the tarpaulins so that he can have it printed the following day while he’s still on off-duty.

Since, I have to stay with the kids until they fall asleep and I know that I too will drift, I asked hubby to wake me up at 11PM. He did wake me up at that time but, I’m too sleepy to stand up so I slept again for another hour before actually removing myself from the bed and did my thing infront of the computer. 

After two hours of battling with photoshop, I came up with two layouts a yellow and a pink themed tarpaulins. Both are with 3ft x 2 ft dimensions.

Wondering why I made two? You will know later when I show you the party set-up at home, by next week. And besides tarpaulin printing is not that expensive these days compared before. The last time I had a tarpaulin printed 3 years ago in Iligan City it cost about P25 per square foot.

For a minimum of 3x3 of 9 sq ft area, you can have tarpaulins printed here in Cagayan de Oro City at P12.00 sq. ft.  Meaning these tarps cost P108.00 each. Not bad huh! 
Anyway, how's my work? Hope you like it.. :-)