Monday, February 3, 2014

Thrift Finds of the Week: Books and Moose Gear Apparels

As far as I remember, January 31, 2014 was the first Chinese New Year in the Philippines wherein it was declared as a special non-working day. A supposedly additional rest day for me, but sadly I was at the office for an overtime work. :-(

I spent more or less 6 hours at the office, then hubby and son fetched me up and off we went to Gaisano Mall for our week's grocery. While at Gaisano, I took time to visit Booksale for the latest magazine of Smart Parenting but instead of getting one, I grabbed the SP All About Babies magazine (P150.00). I felt like I really need to read this magazine. Although I'm already a second time mom, I still have a lot of things to learn about babies. 

Aside from the SP AAB mag, I also bought a back issue of Good Housekeeping magazine, their May 2013 Anniversary special at P65.00. The cover implies that it is the thickest issue ever, let see it there are more good reads.

At the children's box, I found these low priced hard page books. 

A Healthy Me at P40, Baby Einstein See and Spy the Shapes at P25, Trucks at P40, then the Dora and Diego by the Shore at P90. These are actually used books (except for the Dora & Diego which is new) but still in good condition and useful.

I also got a Magnetic Play and Learn book, this one is what I liked most. A puzzle book that the child can fill in the blank spaces on the picture. Since, it's magnetic the cut-outs will stick and stay in place.  

There are a lot of topics to choose from in the series, I picked the SHAPES for now. At the P135.00 this is way cheaper than getting it online which has a price tag of $7.19. I'll get the rest next time I drop by at BookSale. 

Anyway, before the weekend had ended, we brought the little boy at SM for a 1 hour play at Oh Soo Playhouse (baby Jewel had to stay home with her Yaya for now, we'll bring her at mall after her Christening, starting next month probably).

While father and son at the playhouse, I did my thing too at the Department Store because SM was on Chinese New Year Sale. There were a lot of discounted items, 50% off mostly, but I  refrained myself from getting unnecessary stuffs. I'm on tight budget, I'm on the saving mode for Jewel's Christening celebration.  

But I can't resist getting these Moose Gear Apparels for Xye. Minsan lang mag sale ang Moose Gear kaya grab agad. This maong shorts and a hooded jacket were at 50% off.

That's it! I guess I'll be making Thrift Finds of the Week a regular portion of this blog. I hope I can maintain it.

It's already 3:15AM, I better get back to sleep now or else I'll doze off on our meeting later. Ciao!