Sunday, March 30, 2014

Jewel's Christening Day + Cost Details

I should have made this post 1 or 2 days after the big day, but with the same old reason (busy with my day job) I wasn't able to. Anyway it's never too late to share this very special event, right? As long as you are willing to read and and look at the pictures posted here, I'm very much satisfied.

March 23, 2014, 28 days after the original schedule, baby Jewel is officially a Christian. She was baptized at Immaculate Conception Parish Church in Bulua Cagayan de Oro City under a Roman Catholic rights. Catholic baptism usually take about 30 minutes at most. We have not undergone pre-baptism seminar maybe because husband and I were married in a Catholic Church and already our second time to have a child baptize in the church.
After the ceremony, a small celebration was held at our humble home with few of our friends and relatives. Most of the invited guests, our officemates weren't able to join the celebration because it was a Sunday and most of the them are from Iligan City, and weekends are the only time they can spend with their family back home.

Nevertheless, we're very thankful that out of the 10 listed godparents 5 of them were able to join us. The others were most willing to celebrate with us but because of other important reasons they were not able to.

Anyway, I'm sure proud parents like us are willing to spend some of their hard earned moolah in this kind of celebration. Don't get me wrong, I'm not bragging here I'm only sharing what we did to make the event successful and within budget. And also as an idea for parent's out there who are planning the same event for their kiddos...

So here goes...

Food - Originally I wanted to avail the catering package of Darnell's. How did I know them? It is one of the caterers that our office is contacting whenever there are company related events. Based on the menu I've tasted, I must say they do cook delicious dishes.

The package they are offering are P180/pax with minimum of 70pax, i.e. about P12,600.00 which is too expensive for our part and besides we don't have that expected guests count. So instead I chose the following dishes and desserts from their short order menu, i.e. good for 30pax per order;

Chop Roast Beef - P900;
Crispy Chicken - P850;
Four Seasons Vegetables - P850;
Buttered Shrimps - P900;
Choco Moist Cak - P680;
Banana Cake - P380.00
+ Tables and Chairs (12 sets with cover) - P 684

TOTAL : P5,244.00 
The irony was the chopped roast beef I ordered became something else. Definitely chopped roast beef can't have thick sauce, potatoes and onions right? They've probably switched it because according to the delivery man they have a lot of caterings on that day. :-( With what had happened they definitely lose a customer, no next time for them.

Moving on.. To complete the food part, I asked my SIL's husband to order a lechon baboy (roast pig) that will fall in the P3,000 budget. And he did find one in spite of the "lechon peak season" (graduation celebration here and there).

We only cooked the rice and bought around 6 pcs of 1.5liters softdrinks + few hard drinks and beer for the men.

Cake - When we had our first born's Christening Day, I ordered customized cake for him, fondants for his 1st and 2nd birthdays. So para walang tampo paglaki nila, I've searched and found a cake shop in the city called D'Cakes and ordered a very cute fondant cake + cupcakes package for Jewel. 

The package consisted of a single layer fondant cake more or less 10" in diameter + 35 pieces cupcakes at P3,300.00.  Ms. Dexa was cool enough to do my requested design and it turned out superb. She is truly a cake artist. By the way they are currently on summer promo you can get the same package for only P3,000.00 so check her out on FB.

And now for the decors, souvenirs, etc...

Tarpaulins - Since we already have it printed before the decision of postponing the event, and too costly to have it done again, we covered the original date with paper sticker with the new date. Price per tarpaulin is P98.00 (3'x2' size).

Balloons - I had 2 sets of pre-designed table top balloons at Gaisano Mall at P195.00 per set. For the loose balloons you see in the picture, I bought them at a party supply shop in Cogon at P25-P30 per pack of 12.

Invitations - Since I already send out the 1st invite, and texted the expected guests about the postponement, might as well text them also the new date. So, I only have 10 pcs. of the front invitation printed for the Ninongs and Ninangs and as a remembrance also. Price: P6.50/2pcs

Souvenirs - I already posted about the souvenirs here. Just like with the tarpaulins we also use sticker paper for the new date. Price: P30/pc

Signature Frame - I wanted to make my own version of signature frame but sadly I don't have much time so I settled for a ready-made one, bought at P245.00 @ Gaisano Mall.

Candles with ribbons - To make the candles pleasant looking I tied pink and gold ribbons on it. Cost: approximately P6.00 per candle

Baby's Gown + Sandal - For Jewel's gown + veil, I bought it at SM for P299.00 while the cute sandals at P P249.00.

To Summarize everything;

Food: P4560.00 + 3000 = P7560
Cake: P3,300
Drinks: P1000
Invitations:  P338.00 + P65.00 = P403
Souvenirs: P1500 + P90 shipping = P1590
Balloons: P390 + P120 = P510
Signature Frame: P245.00
Candles: P60.00
Jewel's Gown + Sandals: P548.00
TOTAL: P15,216

With the total cost mentioned, I think we did great in exceeding only P216.00 of the intended budget of P15,000. Yep! that's the amount I saved up for months from my handmade jewelries and is really intended for our little princess.

After the Christening, I'm on the saving mode again for her first birthday party... I hope I get a lot of online opportunities... cross fingers!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Saturday on Transit...

As much as I really want to update this blog and the other two, I do not have that privilege last week or next week either. I was so busy with my day job and usually went home too tired to blog or do the routine. Busy as well preparing the documents needed for our travel. Yep next week I'll be out of the country for a training. I was one of the privileged employees to undergo training at China. I prayed for a free trip and finally God answered. Thank you Lord for the opportunity.

While composing this post my colleagues and I are at the Cebupac ticketing office at NAIA T3 to purchase pre-paid baggage for our return trip next week. Expecting to shop a little while away...

Ciao for now.. in a little while we are off to our booked hotel in Makati. Tomorrow dawn will be our flight to Shanghai..

Friday, March 21, 2014

Random Thoughts on a Busy Friday

Woah! It took me a while to update this page, I was really hoping I can post 3 or 4 this week (before the blog hoping period ends) unfortunately, I can only do 2 or maybe 3 (later) posts this week. 

My offline work, our bread and butter takes most of my time (even my free time) plus I play the role of an event planner these days, preparing our baby Jewel’s Christening celebration.
The only available hours I have are during the night but I have more important roles to play, a wife and a mother. I always hope to update my blog or do the hop after I put the kids to sleep, kaso lang I usually fall asleep with them. Which is also good for me kasi na mumula na mata ko sa kakatitig sa computer screen.  
Wondering why I was able to do this post, because I brought my laptop with me today and I’m kind of free as of this moment. Kakatapos ko lang sa ginawa ko na powerpoint presentation that my boss needed for tomorrow's forum.
Ayan na... my phone is ringing, my boss is on the line....

Saturday, March 15, 2014

New Date is Set! And You are Invited!

Because of family emergency last month, we had baby Jewel's Christening Day postponed. Now that everything is settled, we finally set a new date for the celebration, i.e. exactly one month after the original schedule. 

I made another invitation and have around 10 copies printed today just for the ninongs and ninangs.

To my blogger friends if you happened to be in Cagayan de Oro City on the said date, please come and celebrate with us, I'll be delighted to fetch you whether at the bus terminal, the airport or the port. winks*

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Lights Camera to the...Candles!

Celebrating monthsary month after month for babies is the trend of this era. Others do small to big celebrations like having “lechon” every month. I know one who does it for her youngest baby girl. Sobrang bongga!

In our case, we can’t afford extravagant celebration but hubby and I make it a point to grab a layer of cake with candles + picture taking, as a proof of baby milestone. We did the same for our first born and this time it’s baby Jewel’s turn.

So here’s another photo from the celebration last Monday. Hubby was at work that time, hence, only the three of us had a picture together. Thanks to Yaya Dith, for taking the photo and for learning how to use the camera. winks*

To make the picture look more cool and fun I made a cute scrapbook using some downloaded free digital scrapbooking papers and embellishments. 

This picture is worth remembering, looking at the kids not even a single glance to the camera but stayed focused on the lighted candles, is so fun to look at even in the later years.

Celemony Melodyne

While writing this post in MS Word, the Firefox browser that I am using right now is like wanting to raise his hands and surrender.

The browser is in the verge of hanging because of my usual style of opening 10 or more sites at the same time. I’m currently doing my blog hop and some blogs are picture heavy that really took a lot of memory space (I think).  

Four more blogs to go and I’m done with the first round, I need to restart the browser right now for me to move on. But before doing so, it eventually crashed. 

Anyway, do you know what a celemony melodyne is? I have no idea until I encounter it lately and of course with the help of Mr. Google, I’m informed. Celemony melodyne is actually an audio editing software that you can play around using notes. Unlike others that works using waveforms this software will take you to the next level, in a notable musical way.  

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

View Challenging People as Teachers

Working in an outside world will let you encounter different people, different attitudes, different traits, different personalities. Some are easy deal with some are challenging and will sometimes makes you feel hatred.

To survive this world I am in, I must learn to view challenging people, as a teacher that will teach me how to become stronger, how to better deal a person with unique personality and most importantly learn to love myself more and be nothing like this person.

These people probably need someone to understand them more, and by doing so they may someday realize who they are, and change for the better.

Slashed Off

For months, my officemate and I are hoping to be included in a foreign training. We thought that with us nominated for the said training abroad, there is an assurance that we will be included.

 The scheduled training is due on the 3rd week of March, and until now we did not receive any news from the head office, asking for our documents. I tried contacting the person involved thru email yesterday. He did replied asking for my local number. The day ended and I have not received any call. 

This afternoon while browsing our intranet for records posted, I found instead an office order about the training and the bad news is from the proposed 10 participants only 5 were approved and our names were not included. 

I thought on our trip abroad I’ll be able t o encounter exceptional vandoren alto saxophone reeds from one of the music store there. Sadly it will not happen.

Though it’s depressing, but we have to accept the fact that it is not meant for us and maybe another opportunity will come in the near future.

Jewel @ 4 Months

Time flies so fast. It was like yesterday when I gave birth and now our princess Jewel had turned 4 months already on March 10, 2014.

At this point, Jewel can lift his head a little higher than her bottoms for a few seconds. She smiles, coos squeals and draws out vowel sounds like “aaah” and sometimes laugh with sounds when played. Her sight had improved and can actually see at far as 1 meter distance. 

Now that she can do all the stuffs above, she truly is my stress reliever. 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Dove Pink Kit

I'm not a regular shopper of Rustan's in Centrio Mall for the very reason goods sold there are a little pricey compared to other grocery stores. It so happened that we went to Centrio Mall to buy a cake for Jewel's 4th monthsary and I spotted these pink pouches from Dove in the beauty/care corner of the supermarket.

The pink ribbon of the letter P in the "In the Pink of health" phrase caught my attention because I know it's pink ribbon is about breast cancer. The death of my MIL because of the disease woke me up that I should be more aware about breast cancer. 

Dove supports the "In The Pink of Health" Campaign to gather more support in the fight against breast cancer, one of the leading cause of death in Filipino women.

When you buy the Pink Kit you'll get Dove products such as 90ml Straight and Silky Shampoo, 90ml Conditioner, 25ml whitening roll-on and a 75g beauty bar + a limited edition cute pink pouch. The bonus point is you get to donate P5.00 to icanserve foundation from every purchase.

I have not known about icanserve foundation, inc. so as per the pamphlet inside, it is a foundation that provides hope and help to women with breast cancer. 

"It promotes early breast cancer detection though comprehensive community-based cancer screening programs."

With the purchase, I was able to donate P5.00 for a good cause.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Thrift Finds Finds of the Week: Boy's Shirts + Interdental Brushes

Last week, we went to Gaisano Malaybalay to get stuffs needed for MIL's wake, like coffee, juices, biscuits, etc. While husband bought the stuffs in the list, I was at the 3rd floor particularly on the kid's section to buy our son a plain white shirt to be used in the funeral.

No matter how tight our budget was last week, I still bought Xye not only the plain white shirt but plus two more shirts. I picked a nickelodeon spongebob shirt at P190.00 and a white gangman style printed shirt at P170.00. I'm not sure if this will really fall as thrift finds, but since most of Xye's shirts are becoming body-hugging, I think it's considerable.

Before leaving the mall, hmmm I thought I saw a cool alto speakers ts115a displayed near the newly opened Watson store. Anyway, I forgot to bring my interdental brushes with me during the trip and I badly needed one and good thing Watson is already in Malaybalay.

What are interdental brushes? These are typically small toothbrush used to clean between teeth or areas between wires of the dental braces and the teeth. 

At P89.00 I got a pack of 5 I-type interdental brushes, what I have at home are the L-type, those that have plastic handle shaped in letter L.

With these tiny brushes, I can always clean the areas that are hard to reach when using only the ordinary toothbrush. 

Saturday, March 8, 2014

I'm Back and Moving On

At 9:00PM last night, we safely arrived home from our 3 to 4 hours land trip from Cabanglasan Bukidnon. No more stopped over except when we needed to change baby Jewel's diaper. Hubby and I were too tired from few days of late sleep and vigil and just want to be home as soon as possible. 

After we had our dinner at home, we hit the bed and snoozed right away. I woke up at 2am to feed baby Jewel and then slept again, woke up at 4am again and send hubby to the bus terminal for his 6am-2pm shift. Then hit the bed again and woke up at 7:30AM this morning feeling fresh and ready to face the world again. Our ordeal the past weeks had past and life has to move on for us who are left.

Meanwhile, here's a photo of our little boy with his cousins at the back of the his grandparents' home. 
Xye, Adrian,Liane and Janine
Kids really like playing at the open field not minding the grasses and dried sugarcane sheaths and leaves. As expected Xye came home with lots of insect bites + scratches in the forehead.

Sending Mama Lina Off to Her Resting Place

Twelve days after death, Mama Lina was sent off to her to her final resting place yesterday. Her body now lies besides Papa Boy her husband at Cabanglasan, Bukidnon. You'll ask why it took 12 days before sending her off? It's because the 3rd son asked to wait for him, he wanted to see his mom one last time.

She was truly a blessed and loved person because many relatives, neighbors and friends came and joined us in sending her off. God knows how thankful we are to those who showed sympathy and had helped us during these trying times.

 ~ o O o ~

The pastor read in the memorial service a verse from the bible 
Job 14:14 "If a man dies, will he live again? All the days of my struggle I will wait until my change comes."
Man will live again not as a man he was before, the body we borrowed shall return to earth and we shall live again in the kingdom of the Lord.
~ o O o ~

After the interment hubby and I together with the kids and yayas went home to Cagayan de Oro City because hubby needs to work early this morning, while sister and brother in laws with their families will be traveling today. The home they have live during their childhood will be empty from now on.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Busy Weekend + Preparing to Travel

I definitely have a tiresome weekend this week. I spent 6 hours at the office on Saturday + 12 hours today on a Sunday. I'm trying to catch up with my work so that I can spend my leave without worrying about it. I'll be out of the office starting tomorrow and will probably run until Friday. 

I left the office a while ago around 8PM even though I'm not done with my task yet. I brought the files with me and will work myself until late tonight.
We're off to Bukidnon tomorrow morning for my MIL's wake and the burial probably on Friday. The family is waiting for the 3rd son  to come home. Hubby's older brother is a seaman, he asked to wait for him before burying their mom. And he is expected to arrive on Tuesday night or Wednesday morning. 

We need to pack things up. Buti na lang I wrote down the kids' things to pack last night and left the list to the Yayas. Naka impake na ang iba when I arrived home, buti na lang din at maasahan ang dalawa. hehe  All I have to do are the finishing touches na lang tomorrow morning.

That's the prize of having two kids.When traveling it's like bringing the whole house with us. Kulang pa yan nasa picture hehe

I have not packed mine and hubby's things yet probably tomorrow morning because I still have work to do.

I'll be offline for a week I guessed, unless my tattoo stick can pick a signal. But I'm definitely sure that I can't do the hop using my tattoo, that is why I did the blog hop last night. For the first time, first honor ako sa blog hop.. hehehe

That's it for now, I still have excel spreadsheets with full packed of numbers to face. I have to send the file/data I collated and normalized tomorrow. ciao!