Sunday, March 2, 2014

Busy Weekend + Preparing to Travel

I definitely have a tiresome weekend this week. I spent 6 hours at the office on Saturday + 12 hours today on a Sunday. I'm trying to catch up with my work so that I can spend my leave without worrying about it. I'll be out of the office starting tomorrow and will probably run until Friday. 

I left the office a while ago around 8PM even though I'm not done with my task yet. I brought the files with me and will work myself until late tonight.
We're off to Bukidnon tomorrow morning for my MIL's wake and the burial probably on Friday. The family is waiting for the 3rd son  to come home. Hubby's older brother is a seaman, he asked to wait for him before burying their mom. And he is expected to arrive on Tuesday night or Wednesday morning. 

We need to pack things up. Buti na lang I wrote down the kids' things to pack last night and left the list to the Yayas. Naka impake na ang iba when I arrived home, buti na lang din at maasahan ang dalawa. hehe  All I have to do are the finishing touches na lang tomorrow morning.

That's the prize of having two kids.When traveling it's like bringing the whole house with us. Kulang pa yan nasa picture hehe

I have not packed mine and hubby's things yet probably tomorrow morning because I still have work to do.

I'll be offline for a week I guessed, unless my tattoo stick can pick a signal. But I'm definitely sure that I can't do the hop using my tattoo, that is why I did the blog hop last night. For the first time, first honor ako sa blog hop.. hehehe

That's it for now, I still have excel spreadsheets with full packed of numbers to face. I have to send the file/data I collated and normalized tomorrow. ciao!