Thursday, March 13, 2014

Celemony Melodyne

While writing this post in MS Word, the Firefox browser that I am using right now is like wanting to raise his hands and surrender.

The browser is in the verge of hanging because of my usual style of opening 10 or more sites at the same time. I’m currently doing my blog hop and some blogs are picture heavy that really took a lot of memory space (I think).  

Four more blogs to go and I’m done with the first round, I need to restart the browser right now for me to move on. But before doing so, it eventually crashed. 

Anyway, do you know what a celemony melodyne is? I have no idea until I encounter it lately and of course with the help of Mr. Google, I’m informed. Celemony melodyne is actually an audio editing software that you can play around using notes. Unlike others that works using waveforms this software will take you to the next level, in a notable musical way.