Sunday, March 30, 2014

Jewel's Christening Day + Cost Details

I should have made this post 1 or 2 days after the big day, but with the same old reason (busy with my day job) I wasn't able to. Anyway it's never too late to share this very special event, right? As long as you are willing to read and and look at the pictures posted here, I'm very much satisfied.

March 23, 2014, 28 days after the original schedule, baby Jewel is officially a Christian. She was baptized at Immaculate Conception Parish Church in Bulua Cagayan de Oro City under a Roman Catholic rights. Catholic baptism usually take about 30 minutes at most. We have not undergone pre-baptism seminar maybe because husband and I were married in a Catholic Church and already our second time to have a child baptize in the church.
After the ceremony, a small celebration was held at our humble home with few of our friends and relatives. Most of the invited guests, our officemates weren't able to join the celebration because it was a Sunday and most of the them are from Iligan City, and weekends are the only time they can spend with their family back home.

Nevertheless, we're very thankful that out of the 10 listed godparents 5 of them were able to join us. The others were most willing to celebrate with us but because of other important reasons they were not able to.

Anyway, I'm sure proud parents like us are willing to spend some of their hard earned moolah in this kind of celebration. Don't get me wrong, I'm not bragging here I'm only sharing what we did to make the event successful and within budget. And also as an idea for parent's out there who are planning the same event for their kiddos...

So here goes...

Food - Originally I wanted to avail the catering package of Darnell's. How did I know them? It is one of the caterers that our office is contacting whenever there are company related events. Based on the menu I've tasted, I must say they do cook delicious dishes.

The package they are offering are P180/pax with minimum of 70pax, i.e. about P12,600.00 which is too expensive for our part and besides we don't have that expected guests count. So instead I chose the following dishes and desserts from their short order menu, i.e. good for 30pax per order;

Chop Roast Beef - P900;
Crispy Chicken - P850;
Four Seasons Vegetables - P850;
Buttered Shrimps - P900;
Choco Moist Cak - P680;
Banana Cake - P380.00
+ Tables and Chairs (12 sets with cover) - P 684

TOTAL : P5,244.00 
The irony was the chopped roast beef I ordered became something else. Definitely chopped roast beef can't have thick sauce, potatoes and onions right? They've probably switched it because according to the delivery man they have a lot of caterings on that day. :-( With what had happened they definitely lose a customer, no next time for them.

Moving on.. To complete the food part, I asked my SIL's husband to order a lechon baboy (roast pig) that will fall in the P3,000 budget. And he did find one in spite of the "lechon peak season" (graduation celebration here and there).

We only cooked the rice and bought around 6 pcs of 1.5liters softdrinks + few hard drinks and beer for the men.

Cake - When we had our first born's Christening Day, I ordered customized cake for him, fondants for his 1st and 2nd birthdays. So para walang tampo paglaki nila, I've searched and found a cake shop in the city called D'Cakes and ordered a very cute fondant cake + cupcakes package for Jewel. 

The package consisted of a single layer fondant cake more or less 10" in diameter + 35 pieces cupcakes at P3,300.00.  Ms. Dexa was cool enough to do my requested design and it turned out superb. She is truly a cake artist. By the way they are currently on summer promo you can get the same package for only P3,000.00 so check her out on FB.

And now for the decors, souvenirs, etc...

Tarpaulins - Since we already have it printed before the decision of postponing the event, and too costly to have it done again, we covered the original date with paper sticker with the new date. Price per tarpaulin is P98.00 (3'x2' size).

Balloons - I had 2 sets of pre-designed table top balloons at Gaisano Mall at P195.00 per set. For the loose balloons you see in the picture, I bought them at a party supply shop in Cogon at P25-P30 per pack of 12.

Invitations - Since I already send out the 1st invite, and texted the expected guests about the postponement, might as well text them also the new date. So, I only have 10 pcs. of the front invitation printed for the Ninongs and Ninangs and as a remembrance also. Price: P6.50/2pcs

Souvenirs - I already posted about the souvenirs here. Just like with the tarpaulins we also use sticker paper for the new date. Price: P30/pc

Signature Frame - I wanted to make my own version of signature frame but sadly I don't have much time so I settled for a ready-made one, bought at P245.00 @ Gaisano Mall.

Candles with ribbons - To make the candles pleasant looking I tied pink and gold ribbons on it. Cost: approximately P6.00 per candle

Baby's Gown + Sandal - For Jewel's gown + veil, I bought it at SM for P299.00 while the cute sandals at P P249.00.

To Summarize everything;

Food: P4560.00 + 3000 = P7560
Cake: P3,300
Drinks: P1000
Invitations:  P338.00 + P65.00 = P403
Souvenirs: P1500 + P90 shipping = P1590
Balloons: P390 + P120 = P510
Signature Frame: P245.00
Candles: P60.00
Jewel's Gown + Sandals: P548.00
TOTAL: P15,216

With the total cost mentioned, I think we did great in exceeding only P216.00 of the intended budget of P15,000. Yep! that's the amount I saved up for months from my handmade jewelries and is really intended for our little princess.

After the Christening, I'm on the saving mode again for her first birthday party... I hope I get a lot of online opportunities... cross fingers!