Thursday, March 13, 2014

Lights Camera to the...Candles!

Celebrating monthsary month after month for babies is the trend of this era. Others do small to big celebrations like having “lechon” every month. I know one who does it for her youngest baby girl. Sobrang bongga!

In our case, we can’t afford extravagant celebration but hubby and I make it a point to grab a layer of cake with candles + picture taking, as a proof of baby milestone. We did the same for our first born and this time it’s baby Jewel’s turn.

So here’s another photo from the celebration last Monday. Hubby was at work that time, hence, only the three of us had a picture together. Thanks to Yaya Dith, for taking the photo and for learning how to use the camera. winks*

To make the picture look more cool and fun I made a cute scrapbook using some downloaded free digital scrapbooking papers and embellishments. 

This picture is worth remembering, looking at the kids not even a single glance to the camera but stayed focused on the lighted candles, is so fun to look at even in the later years.