Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Slashed Off

For months, my officemate and I are hoping to be included in a foreign training. We thought that with us nominated for the said training abroad, there is an assurance that we will be included.

 The scheduled training is due on the 3rd week of March, and until now we did not receive any news from the head office, asking for our documents. I tried contacting the person involved thru email yesterday. He did replied asking for my local number. The day ended and I have not received any call. 

This afternoon while browsing our intranet for records posted, I found instead an office order about the training and the bad news is from the proposed 10 participants only 5 were approved and our names were not included. 

I thought on our trip abroad I’ll be able t o encounter exceptional vandoren alto saxophone reeds from one of the music store there. Sadly it will not happen.

Though it’s depressing, but we have to accept the fact that it is not meant for us and maybe another opportunity will come in the near future.