Sunday, March 9, 2014

Thrift Finds Finds of the Week: Boy's Shirts + Interdental Brushes

Last week, we went to Gaisano Malaybalay to get stuffs needed for MIL's wake, like coffee, juices, biscuits, etc. While husband bought the stuffs in the list, I was at the 3rd floor particularly on the kid's section to buy our son a plain white shirt to be used in the funeral.

No matter how tight our budget was last week, I still bought Xye not only the plain white shirt but plus two more shirts. I picked a nickelodeon spongebob shirt at P190.00 and a white gangman style printed shirt at P170.00. I'm not sure if this will really fall as thrift finds, but since most of Xye's shirts are becoming body-hugging, I think it's considerable.

Before leaving the mall, hmmm I thought I saw a cool alto speakers ts115a displayed near the newly opened Watson store. Anyway, I forgot to bring my interdental brushes with me during the trip and I badly needed one and good thing Watson is already in Malaybalay.

What are interdental brushes? These are typically small toothbrush used to clean between teeth or areas between wires of the dental braces and the teeth. 

At P89.00 I got a pack of 5 I-type interdental brushes, what I have at home are the L-type, those that have plastic handle shaped in letter L.

With these tiny brushes, I can always clean the areas that are hard to reach when using only the ordinary toothbrush.