Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Iconic Gerber Baby


My thoughts that the baby picture found in Gerber baby food is an imaginary baby turns out to be wrong because the iconic baby picture is actually based on a real person. 

Back in 1928, an artist  named Dorothy Hope Smith submitted a sketch of her 4-month old baby neighbor in the person of Ann Turner Cook to a contest searching "a face to represent a baby food advertising campaign." Her simple sketch of a baby with chubby cheek, wide eyes and opened mouth actually won and became the face of Gerber baby  foods from then on. 

Today, Ann Turner Cook is already 87 years old a gorgeous great grandmother. Hearing other people associating her picture to their babies is her lifelong pleasing experience.

"It reminds them of their own babies. Everybody says 'My baby or my grandchild looks like the Gerber baby' — regardless of ethnicity. I can't think of anything nicer than being a symbol for babies and that's what I think I became.

Watch the full interview here.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Educational Toys and Baby's Accessories From Lazada

If, last year, I have bought a 32gb flash drive using my Lazada voucher, this time I chose to get items for my two kiddos using another P1000 voucher that Lazada gave me after I wrote an article for them. 

I bought four items from their Toys, Kids and Babies Category, namely TinyLove rattle flower, Fisher Price training cup for baby Z, Young Mindz Nuts and Bolts Builders and Young Mindz Montessori Shape Sorting Board for X. 

Thursday, May 22, 2014 hubby sent an SMS that a package came in. I expected to get the four items at the same time, but, to my dismay only two had arrived, the TinyLove rattle flower, Fisher Price training cup.

I hurriedly emailed Lazada asking them for the remaining two items. And in fairness their customer service  did replied right away stating that the remaining two items were still in the hands of the suppliers and will be shipped as soon as they can. (Kudos for the fast action!) The following day, Lazada sent an SMS informing that the Young Mindz Nuts and Bolts Builders and Young Mindz Montessori Shape Sorting Board were already in transit. Then finally yesterday, the most awaited items had arrived at our doorstep after 4 days. Not bad, huh!

Even though I went home a little late last night, and too tired to do something because we had badminton practice in preparation for the upcoming company sports fest, I still managed to open the package and inspect the items. So far they were in perfect shape even though they have not placed them in a box, the bubble wrap did secured the items.

Now let's take a closer look of the items above;

1. TinyLove Tiny Smart Flower Rattle. If I only I found this item in a local department store, I could have bought it when my baby girl was born. Anyway, it's never too late for me to get her this cute pink flower rattle in addition to the rattles I got for her. The item came in with specks of dust that were brushed off after I sanitized it using alcohol.

2. Fisher Price Training Cup with Soft Spout - also intended for the baby girl, since she is already starting solids and drinks water after every meal. I found a lot of training cups in Lazada but I chose this one not only because of the cute pink design but the affordability that comes with it. Remember, I only have P1000.00 voucher to use.

3. Young Mindz Nuts and Bolts Builders. Considering X's situation, he needed toys that are educational. I've been searching these nuts and bolts set here in the city but unsuccessful. When I saw them in Lazada, I add it right away to my cart. Though I'm not really familiar with the brand, this set of plastic bolts and nuts  is of good quality. I guess this will last for a lifetime if properly be cared. Lastly,

4. The Young Mindz Montessori Shape Sorting Board. Frankly speaking, I already bought few wooden sorting boards for X. I hesitated to get this one at first, but later added it to my cart considering that I haven't got a shapes fraction sorting board yet. And this kind of educational board is a little of higher difficulty compared to the single shape sorter. Ideal for ages 3+.

Overall, my 3rd shopping experience with Lazada is great, they have very accommodating customer service that promptly replies your inquiries. Until next time! :-)

Monday, May 26, 2014

Inside the Shopping Basket: Baby Food Storage Containers, Baby Dress + Others

Starting today, my weekend is already free, no more overtime for now, according to my boss because of budget issues. Happy me, because I have the two rest days of the week with my family, and can go shopping my kids’ needs. 

To start off, I woke up early at 5:30AM, gave baby Z a bath, prepared and fed X his breakfast, gave him a bath and off he went to his 8AM-10AM make-up class. X missed his 3 therapy sessions the other week because he was sick (runny nose, fever + cough). Hubby went with him this time because he was off-duty, while I stayed at home and see the need of baby Z and by 10AM, I met the father and son at Gaisano Mall.

I purposely went to the mall to get baby Z few food storage containers, because she is already starting solids and I want to make her homemade baby foods. Of course, you won’t expect a mom to get what she only needs when she see’s something cute and useful for her kids right? So here’s what I tossed in my shopping basket;

Two (2) sets of Bebeta Food Storage (P79.75), Looms Baby dress (P170.00), Enfant plastic bowl with handle (P54.75), Small Wonders bottle brush (P42.00) for baby Z and a JoyToy 4-in-1 animal puzzle (P79.75) for X.

Bebeta Food Storage, aside from the cute designs, affordability, these containers is BPA free which is what we need in baby products of course they are microwavable.

Looms Baby Dress, I realized that baby Z has few clothes that she can wear when going to her Pedia appointments or just hanging out in the mall (which we seldom do). Most of her clothes, though they are branded were bought from ukay-ukay. And those ukay-ukay clothes are good to wear every day at home because they are made of cotton.  The set above has a very cute color combination, just what I wanted for baby Z because her “a little brown” skin color, complements with light colored clothes. Aside from that Looms is great when it comes to quality and affordability. At less than P200.00 I must say this is a steal. I just hope to find an all light yellow clothes soon for her. J

And for the rest of the items, I’ll make another post for them soon, especially the 4-in-1 puzzles because I’m planning to get the rest of the set soon, maybe this weekend just in time for the payday.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Jewel @ Six Months

This is a very late post, I thought I already posted this one on May 10, but did not pala. hihihi

Anyway, our baby Jewel had turned 6 month old, and 18 days more she'll be seven months. Time flies so fast... hahays I wish I can freeze time and let her stay as she is for now. But I simply can't...Instead, I'll just enjoy the every days with her. Her adorable smile takes away all the stresses and problems I have.

~ 0 ~

After days and days of teaching and showing her "the close and open hand gesture", yesterday her little hands are staring to move and her fingers open up one by one when I sing to her the close-open, close-open song. Soon she'll be able to really follow my lead. And I hope I can take a video to document it. :-)

P.S. The Cake looks so cute right? I bought this mother's day special cake from Dessert Strips in Centrio Mall @ P350.00, the design was pretty for the price but just don't ask about the taste, it was a disappointment.  

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A Great Dilemma of Working Parents

The great dilemma of working parents is leaving their children in the hands of the caregivers. Husband and I are working parents. We have a 3 year old son who is undergoing Applied Behavioural Analysis Therapy and a 6-month old baby girl.  Every day from 8am to 5pm they are left in the hands of caregivers who are complete strangers, meaning they are not blood related.

Since, I don’t have the privilege to leave the office any time and take my son to his therapy 3 times a week, which is about 20 minutes ride from home (considering the city traffic), we have to hire a caregiver solely for him and another for the baby. Though, husband took him there when he is off duty.

Even though we give them ample salaries which, is above the minimum in provincial areas, allowing them to cash advance if they have family problems, giving them the same food we eat, and how considerate we are to their needs, still they are not truthful and are bad mouthing us behind our backs. 

On Monday, I received a text from one of the caregivers specifically baby’s caregiver. I was so shocked when I read the wrong sent message intended to our former helper, bad mouthing my 3 year old son who had done wrong to her, like squeezing her face. I can’t believe she can actually say something like that about my son (like a devil, animal, etc.) when in fact she is so good in front of us, and also a mother who has two children, and is denying that our son did something wrong to her. 

I forwarded the message to my husband and ask him what I should do, because I’m on the verge of erupting. I wanted to rush home that time and confront him but hubby told me to hold myself and observe her first. Husband was on duty that time and cannot go home as well. 

You see, God made some situations for me that day, I was attending a meeting at a hotel when I received that disturbing text message and do not have the car with me to drive home right away. Then after 5pm, I wasn’t able to go home right away too because I got a flat tire and took almost two hours before it was fixed. 

I arrived home at 7PM and by that time my anger already has subsided. I did not confront her with but instead went inside the room with the kids, right after I took my dinner. I held myself so that I won’t be able to say anything hurtful to her. Considering that she took care of the baby quite well, and it so happened that the boy’s caregiver have not returned yet from her vacation and have no choice but for her to look after him as well while home.

I wonder if she realized she had wrongly sent that message to me? The following day I avoided talking to her, can you imagine that? Ako pa yung amo, ako pa ang umiiwas? But I have no choice, dahil mahirap maghanap ng kapalit. Instead, I asked hubby’s teenage cousin who’s been living with us lately to look after my son and see to his needs while we are at work, so that the other will not be obligated to look after him, and will focus only in taking care of baby girl which what we paid her to do. 

My sentiment is that, we allowed her to go home after our family reunion last week, gave her medicine for his son and let her have cash advance and even took her to her house which is afar our way, after all those she can actually say something like that, or who knows what she had done to them when we are not around.  Oh, I asked her yesterday if my son did something wrong to her, but she still denied. 

After the incident, I thought of resigning from my day job, but can’t really do that right now considering our financial need, the need to support my son’s therapy. 

Now, my only refuge is to pray to God that sooner or later we’ll be able to surpass all these challenges that working parents has. That soon we’ll be able to find someone who will be loyal to us and will also love our children as their own, because I can assure them that we’ll be good employer to them. And maybe can have my own business that will allow me to stay at home with the kids, still earning and can help my husband provide the needs of our family.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

What is a Bell's Palsy?

When I found out that a friend of mine was diagnosed with mild Bell’s Palsy, my first response was “huh?” what is that? I honestly do not have any idea about it.

I Googled and learned that Bell’s Palsy is actually a form of temporary facial paralysis resulting from a dysfunction or damage of the facial nerve.

Also called the 7th cranial nerve, it travels through the skull in a narrow bone canal beneath the ear, to the muscles on each side of the face. These facial nerves control a lot of functions such as the blinking and closing of the eyes, smiling, frowning, lacrimation, raising eyebrows, etc. 

The Symptoms

When the function of the facial nerves is disrupted, interruption in the messages the brain sends to the facial muscles occur, thus causing a facial weakness or paralysis. A person may have the disorder if he/she exhibits either or some of the symptoms like facial tingling, moderate or severe headache/neck pain, drooping of the eyelid and corner of the mouth, drooling, dryness if the eye or mouth, impairment of taste, excessive tearing of the eyes, impaired speech, difficulty eating or drinking, etc.

The Causes

It is believed by most of the scientists that a viral infection causes Bell’s palsy, such as viral meningitis, varicella zoster virus, or the common cold viruses of the herpes family. It is also associated with influenza, chronic middle ear infection, high blood pressure, diabetes, tumors and trauma such as the skull or facial injury. 

The Treatment

Mild Bell’s palsy, such as what my friend have, does not require treatment, because accordingly the symptoms usually recede on their own within two (2) weeks. While, for others that are not so mild, may have medications, physiotherapy, surgery or other alternative medicine.

Overall, a person diagnosed with Bell’s palsy have a very good prognosis. Because with or without  treatment, a person with the disorder begins to get better within 2 weeks, after the initial start of the symptoms and can recover completely within 3 to 6 months. Though some the symptoms may last longer depending on the extent of damage of the facial nerves. 

Knowing the information above, I am relieved that my friend J will recover soon. 


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Unboxing the Zalora Box

Like I've said in my Mother's Day post, I was happily spending the special day with my two kiddos. Taking care both of them all alone without anyone to ask favor to, like when they started to cry and demand something from me at the same time. Nevertheless, I survived the day like all Supermoms with a very rewarding feeling. 

X and Z coordinated with me and went to bed early, so I had time to sit in front of the PC and did my Mother's Day online shopping. I deserve something for me that day, because hubby wasn't able to buy anything for me yet. (I'm still expecting... pag makuha na daw nya overtime claim nya..)

In my wishlist for months already is a hand bag with floral design, I've been searching for it and finally I spotted one from a local brand. I saw it on display already in CLN boutique in Ayala Mall but at regular price, I was hoping that the same item is available in SM branch and probably on sale, unfortunately the CLN boutique in SM CDO is already close or maybe transferred. My other option is online. And one of the best site for fashion finds is ZALORA. I found it there bearing the same price tag with that displayed in the store. I hesitated to add it on my cart yet, I waited for a discount coupon to land in my email. Sayang naman ang discount..

On May 9, two days before Mother's Day this email from ZALORA landed on my inbox.

This is it! I have to get it na!

On the night of Mother's Day I finally bought it using the discount code of MDAY15 for a 15% discount at minimum of P2500 worth of purchase + free shipping nationwide.

Yesterday, a day and a half after, the signature ZALORA box landed on our front door. With my overflowing excitement I hurriedly open the box when I arrived home last night.

Inside the box is my most awaited floral handbag from CLN.

An 12 x 4.5 x 10.5 inches (LxWxH) floral printed faux leather satchel, with two tote handles, twistlock closure, signature logo metal tag, gold toned hardware and an adjustable shoulder strap that you can attached if wanted to be worn as a shoulder bag.  

For me to avail the 15% discount I added a bottle of China Glaze nail polish (to reach the P2500 mark), the 4th bottle of the brand to land in my nail lacquers' stash. And here's more, inside the box also is a bar of Dove moisturizing soap as freebie + a discount coupon that I can use in my next purchase, which I doubt if I can use it.

This morning, I asked hubby to get a photo of me wearing my new bag. I edited and removed my face in the photo, to get a clearer view of the subject. hihihi

That's it! I finally unboxed my second purchase from Zalora and I must say they are indeed reliable. winks*

How about you? We're you able to buy something for yourself on Mother's Day?

Disclaimer: This is not a paid post. Just to share the excitement of a woman who got her dream floral printed handbag. :-)

Monday, May 12, 2014

Gift Choices for My Man on Father’s Day

Last Sunday, it was Mother’s Day. As much as I want to spend the day with my husband and kids sadly hubby had to work. Nevertheless, the day was celebrated with love and fulfillment with my two beautiful kids.

Hmmmm I wonder what will be hubby’s belated Mother’s Day gift? I'm expecting...

Anyway, a month from now it will be the fathers’ turn to be recognized. We’ll be celebrating Father’s Day on the 15th of June and not only that, June is also hubby’s birth month.  Definitely a back to back celebration for us, hence, the father of my children and my partner in crime deserves something special from us. 

Because I have no time to physically visit the mall, I need to do my shopping online and LazadaPH will help me with my gift hunting bonanza. 

With so many SALE items to choose from, I’m considering these two, depending on the budget I can come up;

1. Casio G-Shock GA-110-1ADR Watch (Black)

Hubby’s greatest material weakness is wrist watches. I remember giving him few times on different occasion years back. And since, it’s been a while I gifted him a wristwatch, I hope to give him one this time.
This uniquely crafted wristwatch with outstanding performance and case construction is my personal choice for him. Not only it is water resistant up to 200-meters, Casio G-Shock GA-110-1ADR Watch is also shock and magnetic resistant. The case was constructed in a way it can protect it from damage due to severe user movements and keeping the settings accurate. 

And the good news is, this good looking accessory is on “sale” from P9,900.00 original price to P6,695.00. Imagine 32% off! Definitely a steal!

I hope I can save up that much and give him his first wristwatch “again” after so many years. 

But just in case I can’t come up with that amount, I’ll move down to my second choice,

2. Toshiba Canvio Connect V7 1TB Portable Hard Drive

This raven black Toshiba Canvio Connect V7 1TB Portable Hard Drive with USB 3.0 (compatible also with 2.0) supports Windows with 5400 RPM is very useful and easy to backup, store and share digital files whether from laptop or desktop PC. 

Husband will also be able to store his favorite movies and watch it on our smart TV during his free time. 

From original price of P3,799.00 this gadget is now on sale at P3,499.00. 

Whatever my budget permits, either of the two gift suggestions above will certainly make Father’s Day + his birthday special.