Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Educational Toys and Baby's Accessories From Lazada

If, last year, I have bought a 32gb flash drive using my Lazada voucher, this time I chose to get items for my two kiddos using another P1000 voucher that Lazada gave me after I wrote an article for them. 

I bought four items from their Toys, Kids and Babies Category, namely TinyLove rattle flower, Fisher Price training cup for baby Z, Young Mindz Nuts and Bolts Builders and Young Mindz Montessori Shape Sorting Board for X. 

Thursday, May 22, 2014 hubby sent an SMS that a package came in. I expected to get the four items at the same time, but, to my dismay only two had arrived, the TinyLove rattle flower, Fisher Price training cup.

I hurriedly emailed Lazada asking them for the remaining two items. And in fairness their customer service  did replied right away stating that the remaining two items were still in the hands of the suppliers and will be shipped as soon as they can. (Kudos for the fast action!) The following day, Lazada sent an SMS informing that the Young Mindz Nuts and Bolts Builders and Young Mindz Montessori Shape Sorting Board were already in transit. Then finally yesterday, the most awaited items had arrived at our doorstep after 4 days. Not bad, huh!

Even though I went home a little late last night, and too tired to do something because we had badminton practice in preparation for the upcoming company sports fest, I still managed to open the package and inspect the items. So far they were in perfect shape even though they have not placed them in a box, the bubble wrap did secured the items.

Now let's take a closer look of the items above;

1. TinyLove Tiny Smart Flower Rattle. If I only I found this item in a local department store, I could have bought it when my baby girl was born. Anyway, it's never too late for me to get her this cute pink flower rattle in addition to the rattles I got for her. The item came in with specks of dust that were brushed off after I sanitized it using alcohol.

2. Fisher Price Training Cup with Soft Spout - also intended for the baby girl, since she is already starting solids and drinks water after every meal. I found a lot of training cups in Lazada but I chose this one not only because of the cute pink design but the affordability that comes with it. Remember, I only have P1000.00 voucher to use.

3. Young Mindz Nuts and Bolts Builders. Considering X's situation, he needed toys that are educational. I've been searching these nuts and bolts set here in the city but unsuccessful. When I saw them in Lazada, I add it right away to my cart. Though I'm not really familiar with the brand, this set of plastic bolts and nuts  is of good quality. I guess this will last for a lifetime if properly be cared. Lastly,

4. The Young Mindz Montessori Shape Sorting Board. Frankly speaking, I already bought few wooden sorting boards for X. I hesitated to get this one at first, but later added it to my cart considering that I haven't got a shapes fraction sorting board yet. And this kind of educational board is a little of higher difficulty compared to the single shape sorter. Ideal for ages 3+.

Overall, my 3rd shopping experience with Lazada is great, they have very accommodating customer service that promptly replies your inquiries. Until next time! :-)