Monday, May 26, 2014

Inside the Shopping Basket: Baby Food Storage Containers, Baby Dress + Others

Starting today, my weekend is already free, no more overtime for now, according to my boss because of budget issues. Happy me, because I have the two rest days of the week with my family, and can go shopping my kids’ needs. 

To start off, I woke up early at 5:30AM, gave baby Z a bath, prepared and fed X his breakfast, gave him a bath and off he went to his 8AM-10AM make-up class. X missed his 3 therapy sessions the other week because he was sick (runny nose, fever + cough). Hubby went with him this time because he was off-duty, while I stayed at home and see the need of baby Z and by 10AM, I met the father and son at Gaisano Mall.

I purposely went to the mall to get baby Z few food storage containers, because she is already starting solids and I want to make her homemade baby foods. Of course, you won’t expect a mom to get what she only needs when she see’s something cute and useful for her kids right? So here’s what I tossed in my shopping basket;

Two (2) sets of Bebeta Food Storage (P79.75), Looms Baby dress (P170.00), Enfant plastic bowl with handle (P54.75), Small Wonders bottle brush (P42.00) for baby Z and a JoyToy 4-in-1 animal puzzle (P79.75) for X.

Bebeta Food Storage, aside from the cute designs, affordability, these containers is BPA free which is what we need in baby products of course they are microwavable.

Looms Baby Dress, I realized that baby Z has few clothes that she can wear when going to her Pedia appointments or just hanging out in the mall (which we seldom do). Most of her clothes, though they are branded were bought from ukay-ukay. And those ukay-ukay clothes are good to wear every day at home because they are made of cotton.  The set above has a very cute color combination, just what I wanted for baby Z because her “a little brown” skin color, complements with light colored clothes. Aside from that Looms is great when it comes to quality and affordability. At less than P200.00 I must say this is a steal. I just hope to find an all light yellow clothes soon for her. J

And for the rest of the items, I’ll make another post for them soon, especially the 4-in-1 puzzles because I’m planning to get the rest of the set soon, maybe this weekend just in time for the payday.