Friday, May 23, 2014

Jewel @ Six Months

This is a very late post, I thought I already posted this one on May 10, but did not pala. hihihi

Anyway, our baby Jewel had turned 6 month old, and 18 days more she'll be seven months. Time flies so fast... hahays I wish I can freeze time and let her stay as she is for now. But I simply can't...Instead, I'll just enjoy the every days with her. Her adorable smile takes away all the stresses and problems I have.

~ 0 ~

After days and days of teaching and showing her "the close and open hand gesture", yesterday her little hands are staring to move and her fingers open up one by one when I sing to her the close-open, close-open song. Soon she'll be able to really follow my lead. And I hope I can take a video to document it. :-)

P.S. The Cake looks so cute right? I bought this mother's day special cake from Dessert Strips in Centrio Mall @ P350.00, the design was pretty for the price but just don't ask about the taste, it was a disappointment.  

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  1. Jewel looks really happy and healthy, that's all that matters! happy 6th month baby! 😙


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