Friday, June 20, 2014

Common Houseplants that are Harmful to Our Pets

As much as we love indoor plants because they not only beautify our home, but as well as enhancing our quality of life by giving us purified air, humidity and clean oxygen we should be aware and keep these plants away from our pets, because these plants may be useful to us but can be harmful to them.  

Here are some of the very common plants that are harmful to our pets/animals;
photo not mine....credits: goes to the owner
Aloe Vera – is a well know medicinal plant to humans, but if eaten by animals it can cause them gastrointestinal upset, like diarrhea.

photo not mine....credits: goes to the owner
Caladium – comes in a variety of colors, a very attractive foliage that will surely embellish your home, but is also harmful to animals because if eaten it can cause, oral irritation, upset stomach, seizures,  and even death.

photo not mine....credits: goes to the owner

Poinsettias – the most loved indoor plants during the Christmas season and is considered as the most toxic indoor plant. When ingested with large amount, it may cause vomiting, anorexia and depression to our beloved animals. So better to keep it away from them, also the milky sap that Poinsettias produce can cause skin irritation. 

photo not mine....credits: goes to the owner

Chrysanthemum- also known as “Mums” have very attractive flowers  of different colors. Take note that these flowers are toxic to animals. If swallowed can cause drooling, vomiting, diarrhea, depression and also dermatitis.  

If the above plants were accidentally eaten by our pets, closely observe the signs and symptoms then call the veterinarian for help.  Finding the prescription given by the veterinarian may be bought at Entirely Pets Pharmacy.  

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