Tuesday, June 10, 2014

First Two Days in SPED School

As expected, “The Crying Game” did happen when X was asked to get inside the room on his first day of school, alongside with screaming and holding on tightly. 

With a little more effort, I was able to leave him inside the classroom even with tears streaming his little face, hoping that he will soon calm down and eventually learn to explore the place. And indeed, after more or less 5 minutes, the crying game of X that can be heard from outside the classroom had stopped.

The first day ended with positive note from the teacher.

On the second day, the same scene had happened. This time his Papa went with him inside the room.

After 2.5 hours in the classroom, X had able to remain seated for a long period of time (maybe because of the film showing activity). Nevertheless, it’s a good sign that X can slowly adapt to his new environment.

The first two days in SPED school, Mama and Papa are so proud of you baby. You did a great job! Soon, with the help of the professionals and by God’s grace and guidance plus our unending love, patience and understanding, we will see you getting in the regular class and become a great person like Einstein in the future.

Let’s hold on tight and walk together and conquer the life ahead of us.