Sunday, June 1, 2014

Homemade Baby Food: Squash (Calabasa) Puree

I admit that the first food that I have given my daughter when she started solids at 5+ months was bottle baby foods from Gerber and later on shifting to Cerelac, thinking that our little princess is too young to start taking in homemade baby food (which is wrong I guessed). I waited for her to turn 6 months and gave her homemade baby food like squash, sweet potato, potato, carrots and powdered rice. And I'm proud to say she had a good appetite and can really tolerate eating them. I'm excited to try something new soon...

For now, I just want to share this very easy to make homemade baby food that I have made for our little princess, "the squash or calabasa puree".

I wasn't able to photographed the actual calabasa before the cooking, so just I grabbed the photo below from the web. credits goes to the owner of the photo 


You can make this puree either by baking or having it boiled versions. Mine is the boiled version simply because I don't have an oven.


1. Peel and slice a portion of the squash or calabasa into cubes or thinner pieces. (I made made mine into thin pieces so that it will be easier for me to blend it, using my small blender) Make approximately 2 cups and simmer with water.

2. Toss the cooked squash/calabasa into the blender, then add water for desired consistency. You can also add breast milk or formula, depending on your choice.

3. Place the puree into the food storage. 1 container is equivalent to one meal and store them in the freezer. And you're done!

With the 2 cups of sliced calabasa, I made 3 containers of homemade food for baby Z. I have my own reasons why I opted to make good for 1 to 2 days supply only.

When it's feeding time I just take 1 container and microwave it. I always make sure to taste and verify the puree if it's hot or not before giving it to baby Z.

The Benefits of Giving Homemade Baby Foods

1. Natural ingredients, less additives to NO additives at all
2. Higher nutritional value. More vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidant
3. Very economical

Making homemade baby is sure fun and full of love.

Until next time...