Saturday, June 14, 2014

Homemade Baby Food: Sweet Potato (Kamote) Puree

Last time, I posted about the Squash/Calabasa Puree, today, let's take a look and enjoy the yummy taste of sweet potato puree or locally known as Kamote.

Kamote has a lot of variants, so far I've seen 4 each with different interior and skin color, the white, yellow, orange and purple variants. Each has a different level of sweetness, and so far I prefer only the yellow and orange ones.  

For today's homemade baby food, I chose the orange variety, because aside from it is sweeter compared to other variety, it's the only available from manong the manlalako, the peddler who sells Kamote at the subdivision we live in.

So let the game begin...

1. Since kamote is a root crop, expect muddy dirts when bought, hence make sure to thoroughly clean it with water.

2. Peel and slice the sweet potato into small pieces for easier blending/mashing later.

3. Simmer the sweet potato slices in a medium size cooking pot.

4. Blend or mash the cooked sweet potato, add water or milk until you reach the desired consistency of the puree. In my case I prefer plain puree so I only add water.

5. Put the blended/mashed sweet potato into the containers for storage, let cool then freeze.

Out of the 5 small to medium size of sweet potato above, I was able to make 12 baby meal size puree for my 7 month old baby.

As usual I only take 1 container, microwave and let it cool before giving to baby Z.

Making baby foods for our baby is truly enjoyable and exciting.

Next time..

I'll make a vegetable combination.. so watch out for it. :-)

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  1. Home-made baby food is always the best, you'll be sure that its fresh and all natural!


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