Sunday, June 8, 2014

Inside the Shopping Basket: Almost Ready for School - The Supplies

Every mommy out there are very excited for the school opening especially those with children who will attend school for the first time. Like every other mom, I myself is also excited because our little boy X will be attending classes already, although not in the mainstream/regular school yet.

Per his doctor's recommendation, X should be enrolled in SPED class by June 2014, thus we enrolled him at a private school offering the special education program starting tomorrow, aside from the ABA therapy he is attending 3x a week.

We are doing our best here, to make him ready to attend the mainstream school if possible at the right time.

To start with, here's the list that new students like X should bring with him tomorrow.

And yesterday, we're able to get the things listed here except for the scrub suit (his teachers told me that they will just lend X some suits in the school).

Elmer's Glue
Dong-A Poster Paints
Rounded scissors
Mongol pencils
colored sand

oslo papers
short bond papers
assorted colored papers

Long clear book
a supposedly extended plastic envelop with handle, haven't found one yet.


There goes everything in the extended envelop, maybe tomorrow we'll be able to buy one with handle. 

And of course, it's class opening and a new  student, X need also a new back pack bag, a little bigger compared to his old ones. I bought the Justice League back pack bag last month at SM 3-Day Sale. 

Accordingly, Friday is arts and other activities day, and their uniform will be white shirt and green jogging pants. Thus, I bought 2 sets for him.

They also have a school uniform, which I haven't seen yet, maybe tomorrow.  Meantime, I just bought 3 pieces of sando shirts that will be used as an inner wear with his future school uniform.

X had an evaluation/assessment with the teachers last Thursday and as a beginner, received sort of negative feedback, they were worried that X might not listen to them because he cried for few minutes when asked to enter the room but eventually settled down and did the activities he was asked to do. I think he will be able to cope up. I hope so...and probably will learn to speak.

We're waiting for that key to  be unlock. I hope and pray it will happen soon.

Tomorrow, I'll apply for a half-day leave from work and accompany him to his first day in school. So good luck to all of us!


  1. I could feel your excitement sis! Congrats and God bless!

  2. I could feel your excitement sis! Congrats and God bless!


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