Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Jewel's 7th Month Celebration

Time flies so fast our beautiful baby Jewel aka "baby Z" turned another month older yesterday. At 7 months, I order a little bit expensive bit cake the 6" Red Velvet Kitkat Cake @ P580, by D'Cakes. The same cakeshop who made her awesome baptismal cake.

Why I chose a different cake for this month's celebration? Because hubby will be celebrating with us, finally the day coincides with his day-off. Nevertheless, it was still a simple monthly celebration with a lot of pictures.

Using the Instamag app, I made the following collages;

Instamag 1: The birthday girl, smiling at her Ate, while I ready my camera to capture her smiles. Can you see the white cloth "aka lampin" on the chair's back rest? I purposely put it there so that the other Ate can hide herself, the little girl cannot stand on her own yet.

Instamag 2: The birthday girl, finally directed her quick smiling gaze + her tongue out smile to where I'm standing at, and my right point finger was so quick to press the shutter. Wheee! watta cute smile..

Instamag 3: The birthday girl, trying her best to reach out, aiming the lighted candle, but ends up touching the Kitkat chocolate wafers surrounding the cake, instead.

Instamag 4: To satisfy her curiosity, we let her sit on the sofa bed + the cake within her reach. And her left hand was pounding and smashing aiming the pink flowers.

After 30 or more shots, and getting a few good ones, we finally took the cake and cleaned her up. The pictorial had ended with a messy cake and a messy baby hand.


I've mentioned that hubby celebrated with us, so here's the family pictures. The very precious two among the so many shots taken by Ate. The only two wherein Kuya posed and looked at the camera. However, the camera lover baby Z was busy gazing at her cake, instead. She's done with so much pictures na daw, kaya ayan..

And last but not the least, here's another collage of baby Jewel, taken yesterday morning before I head out to work.

So again, Happy 7th Month Baby! We love you so much cutie pie!

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  1. Happy 7th month baby Jewel! I love your sweet smile! Xoxo


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