Monday, June 23, 2014

Shifting to Glass Baby Food Storage

Thanks to Maan for sharing about abandoning plastic toddlers/baby's feeding stuffs, made me read more about plastic. Though plastic stuffs for babies are said to be BPA free, these containers actually have other chemicals equally harmful to the human body, that leaks off of our food when heat is applied (microwave).

If you have read about my previous post, I already purchased some baby food storage containers made of plastic. The cute design, the affordability + the BPA FREE written in bold letters were the main reasons why I chose them. Little do I know that these plastic containers may harm my baby's health maybe not today but in the future. 

On Wednesday last week, after office hours I purposely went to Gaisano Mall, to get one or two glass storage containers, or glass bowls that are microwave and freezer safe. I was looking for Pyrex or Luminarc bowls with lid, but have not seen one, instead I spotted these 210ml glass containers from Glasslock. 

I think this brand is the glass counterpart of the well known plastic storage "Lock n Lock". Not sure though, but are equally made in Korea.

As the label implied, Glasslock is made of heat-resistant tempered glass, making it non-fragile compared to other glasswares. Non-toxic, microwave, refrigerator/freezer, and also dishwasher safe.

These 210ml containers are just the right size for my baby. Because she can actually consume that much of homemade baby food in one sitting.

Considering the following features:

- Non-Toxic, BPA-free - check
- Microwave Safe - check (Tried and tested without the lid)
- Freezer Safe - check
- Dishwasher - check (though I don't have dishwasher at home)
- Durable, Non-fragile

Overall, though a little pricey at P259.00 for a 210ml container, I think I found the right partner for now.  I'm not closing the doors yet, I'm still in the search for other brands that will satisfy our needs.

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  1. I know glass containers doesnt come cheap, but if it's the safest, at least you wont't be sorry in the future.


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