Sunday, August 3, 2014

8 Reasons to be Thankful in July

1. EQ Baby Club – The membership I applied for in May 2014 that I thought was lost during transit, finally arrived on the 1st day of July. I already activated my membership account using the code written on the card and looking forward to join games and activities and win prizes.

2. Free Local Travel – The month kicked-off with a work related travel to General Santos City, with it comes free food and free exploration in the city. You can read my adventure here.


3. Pepperro, Cebu Pacific airplane puzzle set and 2 sets of hair clips – these are the items I bought during my GenSan trip as pasalubong to husband and my two kiddos.

4. Flu Vaccine – The Company I worked for gave free flu vaccination to all employees. If, last year, I wasn’t able to avail the benefit, this year I was the one of the first to be vaccinated.

5. Jewel is 8 – Our baby girl has reached another milestone. She is already 8 months old, and can already manage her walker, sit on her own, knows how “to close – open” her hands and already has two lower front teeth.

6. Flats and Wedge + Jewel’s Vaccine – a colleague is selling original Ipanema and Grendha flats and wedges at a price lower that those sold in the mall. I got myself an Ipanema wedge (P1800) and Grendha flats (P1200), thinking I’ll be able to pay them when I receive my overtime claim, unfortunately the payment for rendered overtime was suspended until further notice. But luck is still on my side, my SIL sent a payment of sold handcrafted jewelries. With that, I was able to pay the footwears and as well as Z’s immunization.  

7. Tree Planting – Arbor Day is observed in the month of July in connection with the Environmental Month. Our Company joined the community service by planting trees in mangrove sites, forest reserves and national parks. On July 26, our department planted 150 Philippine cherry blossom trees and 150 mangrove trees in barangay Gusa, Cagayan de Oro City. And I’m proud to say my contribution to Mother Earth and to the next generation were two cherry trees and five mangrove trees that I personally planted with love.

8. Bonsai Arrangement Contest – Still, in connection with the environmental month, our department came out an idea to conduct an On the Spot Bonsai Arrangement Contest. Each division/group will arrange their own version, using the readily available materials. Each of the group will get a chance to draw numbers from the box, and that number corresponds to a specific plant available. Luckily, I picked out a more appropriate plant for bonsai, and still luck was waving on our side, our group won the 1st prize in the contest.

This is my first round up for the month. Though I have too much to be thankful for, these are the only ones I can write, the rest are up to me to thank God for everything.  

Happy Monday!