Monday, August 18, 2014

The 5th SportsTournament

Last week, was the 1st phase of the 5th Sports Tournament in the company I worked for, the 2ndtime I participated in the course of 5 years. The 1st one was 2011 and finally this year. Wonder why I was absent for those 3 years were in fact, I am one sporty gal who was always present at sports tournament, simply because I was pregnant at those times.

This year is my comeback. And because we have a shortage of women employees, women are allowed to play more than one event, as expected I played two last week badminton and volleyball mixed.

Sports competition is one of the major activities in our company, it’s an activity that allows us employees to unwind, meet and bond in one place. It was our chance also to meet and greet new employees from different departments that we never had a chance to meet because we are geographically assigned in different parts in Mindanao. 

Everyone has the urged to win. On our part we prepared for the competition by practicing at least twice a week during the past months. And I’m proud to say our volleyball team had emerged from one weakling team to a competitive one that thrashed most of the teams in our bracket, thus sending us to the finals for the first time.  

Though we are not lucky enough to win the title, placing silver this year was already a great achievement.

In badminton, our group bagged two special awards the “Best in Women’s Doubles and Best in Mixed Doubles” tallied during the elimination round. 

Team competition in badminton is also challenging, especially when you have to study and analyze the pairings that will come up with the proper match. Our team may have won the championship , but since we were not lucky enough to match the other team’s pairings we ended up 2nd. Thus, giving our department one more silver in the medal tally.

There are times we became sour losers (the volleyball mixed event) when we lost to a team, where the male player dominantly played most part of the game, sending the rest of his teammates in one corner of the court. But those sourness, will only last for an hour and two, but at the end of the day, we are all friends because we belong in one family, our mother company that we all loved. 

Let me take this opportunity to thank our mother company for giving this break from our day to day work.