Thursday, September 25, 2014

Rainy in the Metro

I was hoping that Metro Manila will have a fair weather today especially Quezon City, after some of the areas were flooded last week, but sadly the sky is gloomy and with rainshower here and there. I have no choice but to stay in the hotel. I'm too afraid with the rain, flood and getting stuck in the traffic.

Tomorrow we'll be attending a meeting with some of our counterparts in the energy sector at 10AM. I hope by the time we're done the weather already cooperated and still have ample time to visit my supplier in Divisoria.

For, now I'm here in the hotel watching TV, waiting for my friend and kumare to drop by.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

First Sensory Friendly Movie Experience in Cagayan de Oro City

X was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) when he was 2 years old. Though we usually bring him to malls and other places to expose him to people, but never we got a chance to bring him in a cinema. Hesitant that he might scream, cry or misbehave and worried that others will complain and judge his behavior. 

This morning, September 21, 2014 our son X had his first movie experienced. Thanks to the Intervention Center for Autism and Related Exceptionalities (iCARE) in cooperation with SM Cinema for organizing the first ever sensory-friendly-movie screening in Cagayan de Oro City.  A sensory friendly movie feature, especially for children with special needs and their family and companions. Sensory friendly means that the cinema has low lights instead of total blackout during the screening because some children are afraid of total darkness and reduced volume because children with special needs are sensitive to loud sound.

The movie screening was free, hence five of us went to SM Cinema 1 this morning 10AM tagging along X’s 10-month old baby sister. As one of the first group to arrive, we were able to stationed ourselves in an area wherein it’s easier for us to control X. We thought that X might break down anytime inside the movie house, but to our surprised it was the opposite. He smiled when the movie “Adventures of Zambezia” appeared on the big screen, positioned himself on his father’s lap, with feet comfortably against the wall, and earnestly watched the movie as if he understands while munching popcorns. X really did a great job by staying very behaved most of the time in the entire duration of the movie. Not only him, but as well as other children with special needs present.

The event was indeed very successful, and we are very thankful that iCARE in partnership with SM Cinema gave this opportunity not only to our children but as well as to us parents and caregivers. The movie was not only enjoyed by the children but as well as by normal adults. 

To iCARE Happy 1st Year Anniversary! Having you as the first Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) therapy center in Cagayan de Oro City is a blessing. With your help we are hopeful that our son will be able to achieve his full potential. Probably not instantly, but in time.  

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Fun Things in August 2014

This is a pretty late post for August, but I have to do it somehow since I already posted the 9 thankful thoughts about last month. These things “literally” that I bought and receive last month, are worth to be thankful for as well.


Davao’s Lola Abons Durian Coffee Candy from my officemate, mini chocolate bars from our boss, mangosteen from one of my best buddies all the way from Davao, Durian Candy bars also from Davao and last but not the least the Coffee + Chocolate bars + keychains from Nice’s UAE vacation. To all of you, Thank You from the bottom from the bottom of my heart. 

Rolled Oats + Virgin Olive Oil

If you have read about our journey to BLW, I purposely bought these from Rustan’s Supermarket last month after reading recipes made by mommies who are also into BLW. But sadly until now I haven’t made any out of these rolled oats. Probably tomorrow, I have to back-read again for some recipes.

Ladies Bags from CashCashPinoy

I know you are quite familiar with another online store that is making waves these days, the CashcashPinoy. I am very much updated with all the deals happening on their site and mostly I am checking out their fashion section particularly for ladies bags.  Honestly, I haven’t owned any US branded bags before simply because they are too expensive and beyond my budget. But because of the rising of online shops that sell branded US bags at a much lower price compared those sold in malls, I tried getting not one, but two bags that I can use everyday at work or anywhere else.

A blue Kenneth Cole Reaction satchel with long sling strap and a Mango Quilted Bowling bag also with long sling strap at P1,499 and P1,299 respectively. Getting them at 59% off + shipping cost of P100each was indeed a steal right? 

Getting them, which is out of the budget, is already enough for me this year. Ayoko na tumingin sa site for now at baka may mabili na naman.    


Doreamon McDo Happy Meal

Doreamon was the featured character of McDo Happy Meal last month. I used to watch Doreamon before and I admit I was quite addicted and love the robotic cat who came from the future. I tried my best to complete the set but sadly I only got five, the Doreamon Jungle Scope was already unavailable.


Michaela’s Wallet 

I always wanted to get myself a wallet where I can fit in my smartphone as well. I had an extra P600.00 last month, thus I immediately bought this beige Michaela’s wallet at Gaisano.

Dart Set

I found a new sport to master accidentally just because we don’t have any lady players to fill-in our team, so I decided to sign-up and started to learn the sport with the rest of the team. Playing the sport also requires me to get a set of dart pins to use and master. Hence, I bought one a little cheaper compared to other brands at P500+. Later, when I become a master I’ll probably get a much more expensive and slimmer dart pins.     

EQ Play Pals

Remember the play pals I mentioned before? They already landed on our doorstep last month. By exchanging EQ Dry wrappers equivalent to 20 points you’ll get 1 play pal bolster pillow. I gathered a total of 80 points for me to get the 4 cute play pals.

Souvenir Mug

I wanted to join our batch for the yearly ZCHS torch parade last month, but because of other commitments I wasn’t able to attend. Five years from now we will be the Jubilarians and I hope by that time I’ll be able to attend our grand reunion. For now a 20th year souvenir mug is already enough to remember my high school days.

There they are friends, how about you care to share some of the things you receive last month? 

Have A Happy Weekend! :-)