Monday, September 1, 2014

9 Thankful Thoughts in August

I felt like August ended with a flash, I never really enjoyed the month’s festivities, the “Cagayan de Oro City Fiesta”. There were a lot of activities lined up for the whole month + shopping “SALE” on all malls and department stores, Crocs even had a four day SALE at Grand Caprice that reached as high as 90% on selected items. But because, I was so busy the whole month because of activities here and there, I end up not enjoying the festivities at all.

Anyway, in spite of my busy days the past month, there a lot of thing that I should be thankful, I can't write them all here so instead, I listed down my 9 thoughts;

1. Friends + Pizza

Ever since we migrated from Iligan City to Cagayan de Oro City two years ago, seeing and getting together with our friends from Iligan City has become very rare. I missed the old times where we see each other every weekend, or almost every day. They are our valued friends, we never had here in the new city. On August 2, hubby and I along with the kids and Yayas went to Iligan City with main purpose was to have my braces adjusted. After that I called the rest of the gang, and we all met at a friend’s house, ordered pizza, and 3 hours of nonstop chats and laughter. As much as we want to stay longer, we simply can’t because we still had to drive home.

2. Project Application Demo 

Our boss from the head office came to Cagayan de Oro City on August 6, 2014 for a meeting at the same time the application demo of the recently concluded project. (The same project-training that I attended in China) As a user of the application, I was tasked to demonstrate the procedure to my boss. I was hesitant at first, but since it was my second time to sit with our big boss (the first one was an impromptu demo two months ago), I was able to finish the task smoothly kahit kapos na sa English, my boss is Chinese kaya no choice but to speak in English all the time.

3. Massage

Ann (my colleague, friend and kumare) and I decided to have a relaxing time after work on August 6, 2014. We went to one of the Spa in Divisoria area and had a whole body massage featuring a combination of shiatsu-swedish-thai one hour and 30 minutes massage. It has been ages since my last whole body massage. And like every other massage, I had a wonderful and relaxing feeling afterwards. 

4. Z is 9 months old

Every 10th of the month we celebrated Z’s milestone, and we will continue until she had her 1st birthday which is on November 10. The same with past months we had a cake + more pictures to celebrate her milestones. 

5. Sports

If you have read my previous post, our company had kicked-off the 1st phase of the Sports Tournament for Mindanao Region in Cagayan de Oro City on August 12-14, 2014.  I played two events Badminton and Volleyball Mixed which we won 2nd place (silver medal) on both events. The 2nd phase is scheduled on the 2nd or 3rd week of September tentatively in Davao City. By that time I’ll be playing bowling or dart whichever of the events I’ll qualify.

6. Short Nails

For the first in many years, I had my nails cut very short as shown in the photo because I don’t want to risk them getting damaged from volleyball.
Well, eventually my right pinky finger got injured because of my ambition to spike the ball even though I am not that tall and talented to do so. Boohoo!

7.  Linggo ngWika

On August 15, LinggongWika was celebrated in X’s school. He was asked to bring with him 1 lechon manok for the potluck “PistasaNayon” which is part of the activity. I wanted to go with him but sadly I was asked to report early in the office because of rushed report.  Instead, I let Yaya bring my point and shoot camera and asked her to take pictures.

8. Mommy and Son Bonding

Because I had X attend the “Linggo Ng Wika” activity at SPED school, he skipped his therapy session on Friday and had a make-up session the following Saturday. My weekend these days are free, there are no overtime schedules for now, so I personally accompanied X to the center for his 2 hours ABA therapy. Yaya stayed at home that day, like other days when X’s Dad is around. After that, I took him to Centrio Mall for the train ride, but unfortunately it was under repair, instead I let him play at the open playground. Then one hour later, we went home carrying a McDo Happy Meal for the hungry little boy. 

9. Steak House

It was my first time to eat at the Countryside Steakhouse thanks to my officemate who paid our lunch. The dishes were a little pricey, but delicious, definitely satisfied my taste. I’m thinking of a separate post for this soon.

Those are my highlights for the month of August. I thought I’ll be able to get a few pairs of Crocs footwear yesterday at the "CROCS FIESTA SALE" for hubby, X and Z, because the prices were marked way way down on the last day, but seeing how long the lines at the paying counters, I backed out and went home empty handed. 

But looking back, I definitely made a right decision to leave the area before the heavy rain poured.  If not, I ended up stranded, because of flooded highways.

How about you?  How was your August?

Have a Happy Monday! :-)