Monday, September 15, 2014

Bibibon's Biscuit Nibblers

Last week, I received a call from DHL (Tuguegarao) asking  for my exact address. My initial reaction was “Huh! Tuguegarao? How comes DHL Tuguegarao is calling me, when in fact I don’t expect any package right now, much more coming from Tuguegarao.” Later the man told me, that the package was actually from Republic Biscuit, and had landed in Tuguegarao, because the address written was Cagayan instead of Cagayan de Oro City. Kaya naman pala!

Anyway, to make the long story short, it was indeed from Republic Biscuit and contains a box of BIBIBONS the first Baby Biscuit and Cereal-in-one + Free Baby Bowl that I signed up for at Mommy BloggersPhilippines last month.   

The pack arrived at our doorsteps more or less 5 days after the call, and see how the box looked like from his long, tiring travel, and some of the biscuits were already mashed. Good thing the free red plastic bowl was not damaged.  

The moment I opened the box and exposed the small packs, it was my 3 year old son who grabbed one right away. He certainly loves them, but haven’t bought any for some time because it was always out of stock. I thought it was phased out of the market, thus, when I saw them in Mommy Bloggers Philippines I hurriedly signed up hoping to get a box for my 10-month old baby who is already into solids. 

As expected the little girl loves it. Look at her not being lazy holding a piece in her own, which she seldom does with other food that we gave her.

She certainly enjoys munching every piece and actually consumed 1 pack equivalent to 4 pieces in one sitting.  

Bibibons is the first baby biscuit locally made by Rebisco that babies to toddler can enjoy in two ways. Either as a finger food or as an instant cereal, all you have to do is crush the biscuits and add water or milk. It has nutrients that are important to baby’s growth and development + a taste that is likeable to babies. 

We only have one pack left, I hope to find them in the Supermarket tomorrow. :-)

Thanks Rebisco and Mommy Bloggers Philippines.