Friday, October 31, 2014

SansFluo Toothgel Cleanser + Baby Toothbrush

Aside from the hand mixer that I bought in SM last Saturday, I also dropped by the Baby Company section to get my son sets of wide neck silicone nipples. I have no plan to get another tube of tooth gel for my kids because we still have one half-full tube of SansFluo toothgel at home. But when I spotted the free baby toothbrush that comes with it, I grabbed one without a second thought.

My 11-month old girl needs a toothbrush, for her 4 front teeth (plus 4 more coming out). I haven’t bought one for her yet, and was using a clean soft cloth to wipe her teeth after meal. The free baby toothbrush is already a great saving, and seeing it’s applicable to baby 5 months to 2 years, I think I got the right one for my girl’s tiny teeth.

Frankly, SansFluo has always been a part of the family. It plays a vital role to my 3 year old son’s dental care ever since I received two tubes for free from a blog giveaway (though I have tried another brand before when SansFluo was not available) but we always go back to what we have started.

A natural and fluoride free toothgel cleanser for children 0-6 years of age are the reasons why I chose SansFluo over other brand in the market today, plus it’s powered by Xylitol.
Today, not only my boy is a SansFluo baby, but as well as my little girl.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

My Bake Project: Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins

Like, I’ve mentioned in my previous post, I am really getting into the art of baking, especially now I have an additional tool to help me out. Soon baking will probably become my addiction and sooner I’ll be able to get the right recipe that I want to, and that is delectable for the family.
For now, I’m indulging myself into muffins and using bananas as the main attraction because I wanted something healthy that everyone at home can enjoy.

So without further ado, here’s my latest bake project; actually the 5th as stated in my Instagram with recipe derived from Laura Vitale’s kitchen.

Because, not all ingredients in her recipe are available in my kitchen, I substituted the rest like;

Instead of ½ Cup Vegetable Oil, I used ¼ cup of butter and no baking soda (I’m still in search for the ingredient, can’t find it in the grocery nearby). And also I minimized the amount of Chocolate chips to ¼ cup, salt to less that ¼ tsp. 

After following the instructions, here’s the finished product;

My version of the Banana Chocolate Chips Muffins with the taste that satisfied everyone who got together the taste test including myself . Hehehe

Though the taste got a passing mark, I think I have a problem with the appearance, the muffins did not raise up. Probably, the baking powder was very minimal. What do you think? Any suggestions what I need to do next time?

Monday, October 27, 2014

Finally A Hand Mixer!

I think I’m getting hooked with baking, I’m actually enjoying the process, the purpose that I’m baking for my family and soon for my friends. Hearing them, especially my husband saying ”it tastes good” or “it taste different” is a challenge, I take them as a constructive criticism that in time I’ll be able to create my own recipe that will really really taste great. (Ambisyosa Lang hehehe)

But baking is also tiring, especially when mixing ingredients. Therefore, I needed a partner that will make my baking life easier.

I was juggling between the following;

A 3D mixer with stand and mixing bowl. Price P1999.75

An Imarflex mixer also with stand and mixing bowl, P1699.00

Since, I am only allowed to purchase an item less than 1400 because that’s the remaining points I had in my BDO Reward Card, I chose, this 3D hand mixer at a price tag of P949.75.

The 3D New Generation Hand Mixer had the following features;

240V – 60Hz, 200W

4-Speed Control setting (for stir, mix, beat and whip)

Comes with chrome plated beaters and dough hooks

With convenient ejector to release beaters

Cords can be securely wrapped around the base of the mixer for tidy storage

Did I purchase the item at the appropriate price? Well, if I probably bought days before, I might get the previous price at P799.00 (the old tag was still attached at the lower part of the mixer’s body). Sad to think that the increase was approximately P150.00 (imagine that big!), but since I already bought it and 3D is still my preferred brand, I think I can forget the price issue in time. 

FYI. This is the actually my 5th item bought using my BDO Rewards, I'm so happy to say that I'm one of the ever satisfied BDO clients because of the rewards I get by banking, transacting and shopping. My remaining balance is 548, I'll take note how much points will I gain after 1 year. :-)

 ~ 0 ~

On Sunday, my baking partner and I had a session. Our mission was to bake a “banana chocolate chip muffins”. Luckily “Mr. Banana vendor passed by and carrying with him “green banana” (I forgot the local name), my officemate told me that it’s the best variant for banana cake compared to “lakatan”. 

After a few minutes of preparation + baking time, these are the finished products: the Yummy Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins.

The taste was great for a first timer, and of course there were “no holes, or hollow spaces”, the muffins were really compact, because according to my officemate the hollow spaces created when cooked were caused by uneven mixing. So I’m glad I had my new baking partner the 3D 4-Speed Hand Mixer.  

I’m really excited to share to you the recipe + few revisions, so check it out next…