Thursday, October 9, 2014

Hello! 3D Electric Oven

One of the many things I want to do before the end of the year is to learn how to bake simple and healthy recipes for my family. The problem is, I don’t have an oven and it’s too expensive to get a gas-range which is what I always wished for. 

On Monday, after so much thought, I dragged hubby to SM Appliances to scout an oven, a small one that we can afford. I was supposed to get the 22L Electric Oven from Imarflex with a tag price (P3, 400+), but had changed my mind right away when hubby spotted the 16L 3D Electric Oven. Considering the price which is P1300+ lesser compared to the first one, is already a steal. And besides 3D has been already a trusted brand for us. 

So without further ado, meet our new member of the family, the white 16L Electric Oven with Convection from 3D.

Product Features:

-Electric Oven
-16L capacity
-1000W power output
-with variable temperature control
-has 60-minute timer
- with bake, roast, broil and defrost functions

The price tag of this kitchen appliance is at P2095.00 less 2% discount equals P2,053.10 .

Honestly, hubby didn’t agree at first to buy the oven, because we really don’t have the budget for this.  Thankfully, my BDO Reward card was still loaded with 3400+ points. Thus, we used the points to pay the appliance and still have remaining 1400+ points that we can use for the next project. I wonder if there is an electric mixer that cost not more than P1400. Hmmm

Anyway, being a BDO client + SM shopper thus pays off. So, if you are a BDO Reward card holder, make use of the BDO Online Banking, because you gain points when you pay your bills online, or use your BDO ATM Debit card to pay purchases, and a whole lot more. Just check out their website for more details.

Am I ready to take the Baking Challenge? I think so! I actually made my first muffins using the oven which will be posted next. Though, it’s not perfect, but still very edible. hihihi so go check it out...