Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Into Selling of Outgrown Baby Clothes

I realized I had bought too much clothes for my son 4 years ago. I actually have four or more boxes of outgrown baby clothes, until I sorted out a few of them, into “for donation”, “for future baby boy” and “for trash”. After we had my girl, hubby and I decided that two children will be enough for us, considering my condition whenever I get pregnant, thus the “for future baby boy” boxes should be sorted out again. 

The boxes were stocked in a separate room, until I found time last month and to do the arrangement again. Because the baby clothes were well taken care of, they were all in good to excellent condition, that, I sold them online at a very cheap price from P25.00 to P85.00. I saved the proceeds I got from selling them, and will be used to buy new stuffs for the kids.

Babies grow too fast, thus baby clothes will be outgrown also in just few months, it is most practical for mommy out there to buy preloved baby clothes as much as possible. I am a fan of ukay-ukay, I usually buy baby clothes there, if you are patient enough to get through the piles of used clothes you will really find good ones at cheaper prices compared to brand new.  

To mommies out there, you can check out my FB account. There are still unsold items in the album, and soon I’ll be sorting the other boxes and will be posted too. Christmas is fast approaching, but before that, the two kids will be celebrating their birthdays next month, I need additional moolah to get them their birthday gifts.