Saturday, October 18, 2014

Ipanema SALE in Trinoma

I was in Quezon City on October 14-16, 2014 to attend a meeting together with my two big bosses. I wondered what’s happening in the activity center of Trinoma on October 15, 2014 when my friend and I went to the mall for a dinner. I was so happy when I learned that it was a grand sale event of Ipanema, Grendha and Rider flip flops and footwears. I’m an avid fan of Ipenama, in fact, I chose Ipanema over Havaianas because of the durability + the design. 

I thought I was able to get a few pairs for me, husband, and the kids (imagine a 60% off item), unfortunately it was already  8pm, and looking at the very long curvy lines of shoppers in the paying counters, I might go home past 12 midnight. My friend is not into flips flops, I can’t ask her to stay and line-up for me because she is in a hurry as well. 

I have no choice but just to take the photo above and hope that there will be the same event in Cagayan de Oro soon. By that time my officemate and I will surely be there.