Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Busy September 2014

September 2014  was a fully loaded month for me, when it comes to work, family and leisure. Still lucky enough that this blog was updated like 6 times in the past 30 days. Sobrang effort na yun!

Want to know what had happened in the past month? Here goes… 

Business and Technical Writing Seminar

I was one of the lucky few to be included in the 7th batch to undergo a 2 day comprehensive seminar on Business and Technical Writing. This is a seminar that I’ve been wanting to attend, because I admit I’m no good in written and oral communication. Since, part of my job is to write business communication to internal and external clients, and technical reports for management consumption, I needed the skills to effectively put into words what is in my mind and what my boss wanted laid down on the paper.  There are times I spent like a half day in front of the computer trying to compose a  business correspondence for an executive. Though the letter will be read and approved by the boss first before transmitting but still, I wanted to compose one that is grammatically correct and will have less correction. Hence, the seminar was indeed a big help. I may not be an expert after the seminar, but still I have learned something.  

2nd Phase of the 5th Sports Tournament

I am one sporty Mom! Like the 1st phase of the tournament held in August, I played in two events, namely volleyball and badminton, I also played two more events in the 2nd phase of our company’s sports tournament. This time I played darts and bowling. Honestly, it was my first time to play these events in the tourney. But because I already signed in, I have no choice but to prepare myself in two weeks time. (nakakahiya naman pag wala talaga alam, hehehe) Hence, I bought dart pins and started targeting the dart board and also joined the rest of the team in the bowling practice about 3 times.
Our team was not lucky enough to place in the darts event, but I’m one happy darter for having able to defeat one of the old time lady darter in the company. Whew thumbs up! For the bowling, our team was able to get the bronze medal. And I’m one happy newbie bowler as well for scoring my highest at 93 pinfalls. Whew! Not bad for a beginner right! More more practice I’ll be able to compete very well next year. 

By the way, out of 7 competing teams, our  team, our department won the over-all championship, garnering 3 golds, 3 silvers, and 2 bronzes. Yippee! Congratulations to All of Us!

Business Trip in Quezon City

The boss was busy, and a meeting was called by our counterpart in the industry, he has no choice but to send representatives, and he sent the 3 of us to attend it in Quezon City.

I took a separate flight (because I wasn’t able to send my request for plane ticket before the cutoff) on a Thursday morning and arrived in NAIA at 11:30AM. I purposely brought just enough clothes for the trip and carry them in my backpack so it will be easier for me to hop-in the MRT because taking the taxi from the airport to QC is way too expensive.
Girls Reunion!
That night, I had a long chit-chat with two of my close badminton buddies during my work days in the head office (in 2006-2008). The following day, my colleagues and I attended the meeting, then later went to SM North Edsa for dinner and a little shopping for the kids. Early Saturday morning, I took the earliest flight home.

Keyless Car from Honda

Honda car agents went to the office to demonstrate and show-off their new state of the art keyless Honda City V-Tech. The car was indeed superb, but because I really can’t afford it, I satisfied myself by sitting in the driver’s seat and had my photo taken. They told me that I can test-drive the car, but I hesitated simply because I only know how to drive manual transmission SUV. (Mahirap at baka mabangga ko pa!) 

Family Day at the Cinema

For the first time, we went to a film showing in a cinema as a family. It was a free sensory friendly movie screening, which you can read more here.

Special Education Seminar

Hubby and I also attended a seminar with the theme: “Loving, Caring and Educating Children with Special Needs”, organized by the ABA Therapy Center (iCare) that my son is attending. I’ll blog more about this soon.   

Last but not the least

The 10 Monthsary Celebration of Jewel

Another milestone achieved by our little girl and was celebrated with a cake and a lot of pictures, which you can find some here

September really went by in a flash. Before I can even jot down the things that had happened it’s already October. Nevertheless, September like any other months and days, I am forever thankful to our Lord Almighty for keeping us safe, healthy and showered with blessings and graces.   

How about you? How was your September?