Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Frustrating yet Thankful October 2014

October 2014 ended with all of us, suffering from the attack of annoying viruses. First, I was struck by the influenza virus, then Z’s caregiver was hit by the Varicella virus (chicken pox), X’s caregiver was slapped by flu virus as well, later X had a 39C to 40C fever followed by cough and colds few days later, the husband was kissed by the colds and now our little girl has a fever.

Can you imagine how sickly our abode was? But in spite of the sicknesses that hit all of us, I still have many things to be thankful for;

1. The newly contracted HMO provider of our company, that allows us to avail the insurance even for out-patient unlike what we had before. We had consultations + laboratory for the two kids for free as our individual dependents

2.  Our former “helper” (X’s caregiver) who left us because of personal reasons, agreed to stay with us for 10 days while Z’s caregiver had to recuperate from chicken pox.

3. X’s high fever was due to viral infection and not dengue that I am so afraid of. 
4. Our available leave credits that allow us to stay at home while the kids are not well.

 5. Z’s Pedia’s assistant that always accommodates us with just a text away, that means we don't have too long for our queue.
Also, before “the attack of the virus”, October was quite an interesting month, for me and the whole family, because;

6. I finally got an oven, though small and electric operated (looking forward how much our electricity bill had increased) still it did serve the purpose. 

7. A hand mixer to accompany me and the oven in our baking adventures.
8. The internet, for all the readily available, easy to follow recipes.

9. Free trip (though work-related) to Metro Manila, I was able to see my former colleagues and friends there.

10. X attended his school’s first semester culminating activity and wore a “Muslim” costume that was still considerable as an African Dashiki for his assigned country “Togo”.

October had a lot of ups and down for us, and no matter what I’m still thankful that we survived our everyday with God’s graces and blessings. We know that He is always there to guide us and keeping us safe at all times. 
Before ending this post, a little reminder for all of us...
Have a Nice Day!