Friday, November 7, 2014

Jewel is turning ONE!

If you are in town on Monday, November 10, 2014, we are inviting you, our online friends to come and join us, in celebrating Jewel’s 1st Birthday! Yep! Our little girl will be ONE year old!

Planning a birthday party for our children is one exciting MOMent for us moms, right? Some spent many months in the planning and preparation for the grand milestone celebration of their little ones. In my case, I have started collecting ideas from the internet, particularly Pinterest and have pinned them in my Pinterest board, as to the theme and preparation 3 months back but had started the DIY’s just 2 weeks ago.

After juggling from one idea to another I finally, decided to use an easy and cute kiddie party theme for our little girl. She’s having a “Bee” theme party!

Honestly, I’m not sure if we have kids present because it’s a Monday, and our invited guests are mostly adults, and that their kids are in Iligan City and cannot attend. But still, I wanted it to have a touch of “kiddie party” even with just a 1 sure child guest, husband’s 4 year old nephew.

So far, the party planning is more than half-way done. The following DIY’s that I personally designed the layout (of course with some of the cliparts taken from the internet, credit goes to the original designers), and with the help of everyone in the house, are mostly done;

Birthday Banners (I have tried looking for ready made banners with the “BEE” theme here in the local stores, sadly I have not found one); 

Flower Birthday Decors

Flaglets for the cupcakes that I’m going to order today.

The In-BEE-tation that I have sent through email, and posted in the Facebook event that I have created.

The Tarpaulin, that I have finished just a while ago and will be printed later.

And, the Thank You Tags for the loot bags that still need to be cut.

 So far, that’s the update of the cute BEE party on Monday, a party that is simple and with limited budget. Everyone at home is busy bees buzzing around for things that needs to be done.

I still have to go through my checklist of some of the things that I might forget. And will do the general cleaning today and tomorrow because the celebration will be done at our humble “BEE HOUSE”.

I hope I can do my Comment Exchange before I’ll be offline until Monday. But in case hindi ko magawa (habol na lang ako sa Tueday Mommy Maye ha..)  

Bye for now and please look forward for "the after the event story" which will be posted next week, I hope so..

Have a Happy Weekend!