Thursday, November 13, 2014

Jewel's 1st BEE-day Party Part 1

Months before, I already decided with the theme and excitedly planning my little girl’s first birthday party. I chose “HONEY BEE” as the theme not only because I love yellow, and anything yellow looks great to my fair skinned baby girl, but also DIY-ing the preparation seems to be an easy task. 

Like I’ve mentioned in my previous post, I searched, pinned and saved some of the ideas I can get in Pinterest regarding the BEE theme kiddie party or anything related.

Hubby and I decided to celebrate Jewel’s 1st Birthday at our humble home, because, the location is near my workplace, wherein most of the invited guests are my officemates (the department where I am assigned), whereas, husband’s colleagues won’t be able to join us because of the distance (Iligan City). Also, only a few kids were expected to join us, meaning we don’t need bigger space (like the function hall) for the additional activities, the same reason why I did not hire a party hosting. And just in case, the big boys will want to stay for “one or bottles of beer” they can do so.

Having a party at home, is indeed very easy to prepare, I don’t have to hassle myself in preparing or cooking the foods to be served because all can be done in one phone call.

The Catering. Catering packages not only include foods, but as well as free set-up, tables and chairs, and waiters. That’s what I got from the St. Ignatius Country Kitchen by Concon. The original package was P225.00 per pax minimum of 50 persons. Since, my budget can only allow me up to P200/pax for 50 people, which is equivalent to P10, 000.00, Ms Concon agreed to reshuffle the menu based on the choices I made, minus the drinks and rice. We just cooked the rice and bought the soft drinks separately.

The BEE Cake. I sent a personal message to Ms. Dexa of D’Cakes a week before and asked her to make the cake for me. A fondant cake + cupcakes with the “bee” design. Since, I was a returning client (she did Jewel’s Christening cake before) she gave the same package price (even with some of the cupcakes are chocolate moist as requested) at P3, 300.

Roast Pig (Lechon). A party in the Philippines is not complete without the lechon right? This time, we got the lechon for free. It was hubby’s brother who paid the lechon as his gift to her niece, the birthday girl. Approximate cost of lechon at 45-50 kgs is P5,500.Sadly, I don’t have even a single photo of the lechon, because we positioned it outside the house near the front door.  The lechon tray was too small to hold it, and the oil was dripping and might make the floor inside the house slippery. And also an untoward incident happened before the party had started.

These three plays very important roles in every party/celebration in the Philippines and I can’t personally do any of them, so I left them to the experts and concentrated on preparing the rest with the personal touch, so head to my next post for the Do-It-Yourself party preparation.
Meanwhile, regarding the untoward situation that arose during the event, husband’s brother in law had a seizure that caused him to fall and hit his head on the floor. Hubby and her sister had to rush her to hospital and thank God, it was not that bad. He was already conscious and doing fine when they reached the hospital, though he had to be admitted for further tests and observation.

Jewel’s 1st Birthday celebration ended great in spite of the incident. Though we forgot some of the things we need to do during the party, we are still very thankful to our Lord God for the blessings, for our friends who made time to celebrate with us and for the people around us who helped us make the event possible.