Monday, November 17, 2014

Jewel's 1st BEE-day Party Part 2: The Do-It-Yourself Party

The first part of the BEE-day party special of our little girl was about the three (3) major players in a Philippine party/celebration, and also I have mentioned about the untoward incident that had happened. This time as promised, here’s a separate post of the things I did myself, during the course of the party planning called the “My Do-It-Yourself party preparation”.

Balloons. After having three parties for my kids, I already learned from experience that, balloons alone are much cheaper when bought from local party suppliers in Cogon, do the inflating at home, than buying it already inflated. Imagine a dozen of 9” balloons + sticks at P75-P80, then getting an inflated one at P12-P15 per piece. I bought 3 dozen, 1 dozen each for colors black, yellow and white + 2 dozen of smaller balloons (white and yellow). 
If you’ve noticed that the black balloons are with polka dots? The dots are actually stickers cut in circles, then randomly stuck them in the already inflated balloon.

Decorations. All the decorations except the (the printing of tarpaulin) were all DIYs. I printed the letters, flowers, banners, and assembled them with the help of my husband and Jewel’s Yaya. And viola! The d├ęcor turned out BEE-ry cute!

Loot Bags. I’m one crafty mom that can easily make paper bags for any occasion. Like what I did for our son’s 1st birthday, I also made Jewel’s loot bags in two different colors. So that it is easier for me to identify which one is for the boys (black) and which one for the girls (yellow). I made a few, taught Jewel’s yaya how to do it, and she did the rest. While I was busy, doing other things. The paper bags are made from cartolina. Two (2) cartolinas is equivalent to 5 loot bags.

The bee-girl being playful while her Ate is filling up the loot bags.
Party Hats. I remembered that I needed to make the party hats on Sunday. Good thing I still have extra cartolinas left. Searched the internet for templates, print, trace and cut the traced line. The result was a conical party hat for kids and kids at heart. I pasted polka dots for contrast and added cuteness. 

Mother Bee & the Baby Bee
Tarpaulin. I was planning to eliminate the tarpaulin for a change after having them in the parties at all time, but the other side of the wall where the food will be placed will be too bare without it. Thus, I hurriedly did the tarpaulin layout on Saturday, morning and had it printed in the afternoon.

Invitation. Like what I’ve mentioned in my previous post, I did the layout and sent them electronically to our invited guests, via email and FB. No print outs for the invitation this time. 

Thank you Cards. I also did the layout of the thank you cards and hubby did the cutting, and then attached them to the loot bags.

Oh the Flaglets, hubby did them but unfortunately I forgot to stick them on the small cakes that we have ordered separately. Sorry dear… Our worried minds were flying somewhere before the party started. 

BEE Dress for theBee-girl. I really, really want to make my little girl a crochet bee-inspired dress, I already started doing it one month before. But because of being so busy at work that left me exhausted when I arrived home, I wasn’t able to finish it on time. Thus, I bought a black tutu skirt @ P135 in Gaisano Mall and paired it with her old yet looking new yellow romper (that I have bought from an ukay-ukay), + a bronze pair of shoes also bought at Gaisano at P335.00.

Tsumami Kanzashi Hairclips. I thought I can’t make this pair of hairclips on time. Lucky me that the grosgrain ribbons that I have bought online has arrived on Saturday. Thus, past midnight on Saturday (1AM, Sunday) the Kanzashi hairclips were done. And just perfect for the BEE-girl.

Oh, and just 3 hours before the party, I hurriedly made this yellow flower + black star Swarovski bracelet for her. A perfect accessory for the her bee outfit. 

We have no hired photographer for the event, instead made use of the present friends that knows how to handle the DSLR and later asked Jewel’s Yaya to take some of the pictures. She is an all-around girl, and already knows how to use the camera (I taught her already how, so that she can that Jewel’s pictures at home, while we’re not around). I was not contented with the result, because we only have a  few photos.How I wished I hired a photographer for the event but the budget does not permit. Also, our minds shifted to somewhere else and forgot some of the things to be done during the event.

Having most of the items, decors, layouts, etc. done on your child’s birthday party is one heck of a tiring job, but in spite of those sleepless nights and hard work the feeling of fulfillment is immeasurable.