Wednesday, November 19, 2014

X’s 4th Birthday Celebration

November is definitely a very busy month playing a “mother role”. Just after our girl’s 1st Birthday, I’m already on the run preparing for our first born birthday celebration. A simple one compared to what we prepared for her little sister.

Since X is already attending SPED classes aside from his three times a week therapy session, hubby and I decided to celebrate also his birthday at both institutions a day before his birthday (November 14th) aside from the small celebration we had at home.

Hubby and I wanted to spend less, because we are running out of budget this month. So we opted to cook most of the food served for his big day. To start with,

We brought a homemade “sotaghon” for his teachers at the therapy center + bread, soft drinks and a cake from Red Ribbon. And later in the afternoon, half of the “sotanghon” was brought to his school for the parents and caregivers in the waiting area, + bread, soft drinks and ice cream.

Hubby and I ordered a separate ten (10) Jollibee Kiddie meals for X and his 9 classmates, the Jollibee watch that comes with it served as a small giveaway to the children.

If you’ve noticed the tarpaulin was way too overused, because I carried it and had it installed for the sake of picture taking. And the last stop of the tarpaulin is of course at home on his actual birthday, November 15, 2014.

We did not expect much guests for Xye’s birthday, we only invited those you are in the city and our neighbors. And like I’ve mentioned, we did the preparation ourselves, a sort of division of labor of the four of us at home (including our two house help).

Hubby arrived at 8am after his graveyard shift and cooked the lechon paksiw, lechon sisig and sweet & sour fish. My share was the beef steak, spaghetti and the “buko (grated your coconut meat) fruit salad. I cooked the beefsteak night before, and started early with the spaghetti and after that mixed the”buko” fruit salad. While, hubby did the cooking, I run some errand too, like, picked up the ordered cake at Red Ribbon Divisoria branch and fetched my sister-in-law and bought a case of beer at the outlet. Glady (Z’s Ate) on the other hand, inflated the balloons and decorated the wall, marinated the barbeque and roast them in the oven while Lanie’s share was the rice and the fried chicken.

Overall, the 4th birthday of our first born was successfully celebrated with love and personalization. And next year we’ll probably celebrating their birthday together. J