Friday, December 12, 2014

2014 Annual Physical Examination

Every year an Annual Physical Examination (APE) is given to all qualified employees. It is one of the benefits that our company is giving us. And each year we are looking forward for the APE, and unfortunately reach the Mindanao Region on the last month of the year and the results will come out more or less 3 months from now.  Anyway, we are still thankful to the management for giving us this free examination, which will cost a lot if done outside at our own expense.

The Mobile Clinic parked inside the Office Compound
On Wednesday afternoon, the diagnostic team from Manila had arrived in the city to facilitate the APE for employees under the Northern Central area of Mindanao including our department. I was one of the first employees to fall-in line the following day. At 7:30AM I already arrived at the testing area, filled-up the necessary papers and did the following series of tests;

1. Complete Blood Count
2. Urinalysis and Stool Examination
3. ECG
4. Visual/Eye Examination
5. Chest X-ray
taking the blood sample
If last year the Pelvic and Breast Examination and Pap smear are only given to female employees 40 years old and above, this year the age range was lowered to 35 years old and above which I am very glad because I am qualified to take these examinations.

By 10:00AM I’m done with everything, including the mandatory drug test. Just in time, my boss called me up and directed me to attend a meeting in his place, because he attended another meeting outside the office.

For now, I have to stay put and wait for the examination result. And I hope I have good results this time (I doubt!), unlike what I had last year. (High Cholesterol, etc.)


  1. I'm glad that your company provides an annual APE to its employees. This is really a great help in early detection of diseases. I hope most, if not all, companies could provide their employees the same benefit too because indeed, Health is wealth! :)

  2. How's your APE sis? I had to repeat urine and blood test because my white blood cell is high. The doctor required me to undergo medication for a week. Ayun repeat test nga at sobrang takot ako sa blood extraction. It was painful that time, di ata marunong yung med tech. I am happy, the result is okay naman na and I had my medical certificate that's fit to work.


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