Tuesday, December 16, 2014

iCARE’s Christmas Party 2014

From big corporations, to schools, barangays, and even simple family gatherings, the holiday season is not complete without Christmas Parties. Everyone is entitled to enjoy and celebrate the Christmas season, whether in grand or simple gatherings, especially the children and of course special children are no exception.

Last Sunday, December 14, 2014 the Intervention Center for Autism and Related Exceptionalities (iCARE) had a Christmas party for kids and their family who are under the institution’s care held at McDonalds Lim Ket Kai Center here in Cagayan de Oro City.

It was actually the first Christmas party that our son had attended with the only ABA therapy center in the city. Activities like this are very beneficial to children with special needs. It’s a sort of socialization and community integration in their part that we don’t want him to miss.

At 2PM, I drove the little boy, his younger sister and the 2 caregivers to the party venue. Hubby was still at work and expected to join us later in the afternoon. 

The supposedly 2:30PM party started at 3:30PM, a 1-hour delay because there was an ongoing event at the party area, miscommunication according to one of the teachers.

Like all children’s parties, games were played and participated by the kids. Sadly, our little boy does not know how to play with the group yet. So, we have no choice but to watch the others playing in the small vacant space in front. McDonald’s party area is too small for the big group like ours, big group because, not only the children were there, but as well as the family and caregivers. As expected, some kids were screaming and crying because of the crowd, and since it was too crowded the area really felt hot, the air conditioning units seem to be malfunctioning.

Anyway, those minor flaws were overridden when the Magician came out and showed us his magic tricks. Seeing him made bird picture came to life was amazing.

the magician
The magic show was indeed fun and that not only the children enjoyed, but as well as the kids at heart.

After the magic show, free foods for the kids were served. By simply presenting the meal stub, the kid will get a Chicken Mcdo Meal, a burger and juice. The little boy had one and later Sir Nats (iCARE’s Director) gave us another stub for the little girl. Free foods were only for children, while parents, companions and caregivers may purchase their own meal. I ordered spaghetti Happy Meals for us, because I was after the free toys featuring the Penguins.

the meal stub

But before the meals were served the little boy fell asleep in his caregiver’s lap and he was burning with fever. Hubby arrived just in time the meals were served, we waited for a while for the exchange gift and then asked permission to leave earlier. 

On our way out, we saw these two mascots outside waiting for their queue to enter the party area. Too bad the little boy wasn’t able to see them because he was carried out by his father ahead of us. And since these two were already there, might as well take photos with them. 

with the mascots
The little girl was really curious who these colorful creatures are. I myself do not know them (oops! Sorry). After googling, I came to know these two, the big blob in purple is Grimace and the yellow bird is Birdie. Well, they are not really good looking compared to the well-loved Jollibee characters, but at least the little girl wasn’t afraid at all. 

Before ending this very long blog post, I would like to thank the management and staff of iCARE for the very enjoyable Christmas party. Next time, I’ll make sure to choose seats nearer the stage so that we can join the games too.

Merry Christmas iCARE! May You continue to be a blessing to all of us, especially to our children.

The Intervention Center for Autism and Related Exceptionalities (iCARE) is located at 11th 30th Street, 9000 Nazareth, Cagayan de Oro City. You can check out also their FB Page for more info.