Monday, December 22, 2014

Looking Back My Plans and Wishes Made for 2014

Year 2014 is about to end, and before I’ll start making another list for the coming year, I thought of looking back on the plans and wishes I made at the start of this year. I haven’t planned or wished for something that is beyond my imagination because it will only hurt my feeling (char!) instead I listed a few that I tried so much to achieve, so here are the updates;

Lose Weight – This goal is always on my list every year, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to achieve this goal. Though, I lost about 8 kilograms from my post pregnancy weight, I'm still overweight. Maybe because I was not that motivated to move my body more and eat less and reduce more.  I’ll be re-listing this one of my plans for next year.

photo not mine
Save and Invest – This year husband and I are on the edge of having a breakeven only between income and expenses. We really are expending more for the needs of our first born that we have to cut down all the unnecessary stuffs and prioritize. In spite of that we are very thankful the God is always on our side and continuously giving us blessing and graces. Last month, I finally enrolled with International Marketing Group (IMG) and started my minimum deposit for the trust fund. I’m quite busy these days and haven’t focused much on it. Next year, I’ll give it more time, but before that I have to meet with my friend/agent and MD of IMG and discuss more about it. 

Continue Jewelry Handcrafting – Jewelry crafting is one skill I will not give-up, creating pieces of handmade jewelries for the ladies out there is sure fun. And it’s not only improving my wire twisting skills but as well as giving us additional income which my family need these days. Expect me to continue this craft until next years beyond. 

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Regularly Update My Blogs – Well, there are times that I was too busy + too lazy to update my blogs, but as much as possible I wanted to have at least 2 posts per month, but unfortunately my craft blog was neglected for months, that I have to cope up with the backlog. In October this year, I started joining bloggers group on FB and eventually joined activities like the Alexa Blog Hop aside from the comment exchange that I do weekly with the BC Bloggers. Thanks to my blogger friend Maye for encouraging me to join the blog hops and indeed my Alexa Rank went down from 1,000,000+ to less than 500,000.
Sewing Machine – I always wanted this piece of equipment, but hesitated because of the budget, instead I bought an electric oven using my BDO rewards and started baking easy recipes for my family and friends. Next year, you’ll be seeing the sewing machine on my list again.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 or Note III – On the last week of March, I finally convinced my husband to get me an Unlidata Plan (not unlimited anymore because of the 3GB limits per month) and with it comes a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Smartphone. Yippee! My old Galaxy S2 is now on his hands. Hihihi Why I wanted an unlimited mobile data service was because I wanted to continue updating my blogs even during my break time  (we’re not allowed to use the office internet for personal activities) and I was trying to look for a part-time online job which I haven’t submitted my application yet. I don’t have the confidence yet to go for writing jobs. Maybe next year…

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And last but not the least, the “Start Building our Own Home” haven’t realized yet with the same reason as stated at the start of this year.

And also, I’m thankful to our Lord Almighty for the everyday of our lives. Good health, good job and everything.


  1. You've an ideal plan and wishes and you're determined to accomplish them. I do appreciate people who have plans for they've a direction on what to do and on how to fulfill them. Failure is unavoidable for no one is perfect. One thing I notice in your PW God has no placed for your plan. He should be the first in everything we do. GOD FIRST. Believe me or not. Without Christ, everyone is nothing.

  2. This year is very fruitful year for us. Though we had experienced a money problem and although it wasn't us who's directly involved, it sure got us affected. But God works real wonder as He proved that there's no bigger problem than Him. He's blessing us more than what we are losing. Have a Blessed New Year sis. Stay happy :)

  3. Its always nice to read your plan and wishes of 2014. So happy that you got what you want and its going to be fruitful 2015. Cheers Sis. Happy New Year to you and your family

  4. It's great to hear that you had a great year. Which blog hop groups did you join? Care to share them with me? My Alexa number has gone up a lot this year from 30K to more then 100K now as I haven't really paid attention to it even though I have been blogging quite regularly. Happy New Year

    1. it's the Awesome Bloggers Group in FB sis.. :-)


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