Thursday, December 11, 2014

Thrift Finds: Jeans + Shirt for the Little Boy

It’s Christmas! While everyone is busy shopping for the holidays, I was busy at work and busy rushing for the last pieces of made to order handmade jewelries which will be sent out tomorrow.
This afternoon, I remembered that on Sunday my son will be attending his first Christmas Party hosted by the therapy center he is attending. And digging into his closet, I realized that he needed a new pair of jeans/pants. He grew tall and that the few pairs he have are already hanging.

After office, hubby and I took him for a quick shopping at Gaisano Bulua, the nearest department store we can go to from home and bought him his new jeans + a polo shirt. 

Gone are the days, that I shop for kids clothing at SM City. Branded clothes that are half the price, but still very expensive. This season I decided to be frugal and spend less on children’s clothes because aside from the reason that they outgrow them fast, hubby and I are having trouble budgeting the past months. We have to cut down our expenses, and prioritize our needs. A good way to start realigning our budget, spend within our means, and save more for future needs.

Going back to the clothes for the little boy, I think hubby and I found a great set for him. Jeans at P290.00 and a shirt @ P215.00 are a better catch than spending more than P500 for a pair of jeans alone. Next time I’ll be in Iligan City I’ll find time to dig into the ukay-ukay I’m pretty sure I can find good as new branded clothes at less than P100.00. J